A few things that makes Quoox different…

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You are a busy gym, boutique studio or personal trainer and need simplicity in your life…

You also need, and deserve, some “me time!”

You have a lot to think about…

  • You worry about members leaving
  • You need to stay in touch with your members
  • You want to keep members engaged when they are on holiday, or if they have not been in for a while
  • You get constant messages from clients, members and staff by text, email, WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger
  • You or your staff have to respond on all of these different platforms. After all, there’s nothing like ignoring your members to make them leave!
  • You have to constantly think about marketing
  • You worry about different staff delivering consistency in your product
  • You want to be better than your competition

The list goes on and on… The chances are that your phone is buzzing right now!

At Quoox, we get it… because we have been there as well.

We are boutique studio owners who know exactly what you have to do, every day, and decided to create an automated solution to all the jobs that took over our lives.

We finally got to read a book that wasn’t business related because we had FREE TIME!

Quoox is not just a CRM. It does way more than that. It gives you your life back.

Quoox is your solution to all of these worries, and more… and it costs just the daily equivalent of 3 cups of coffee from your favourite street-corner barista.

We promise you time to sit down and enjoy your coffee, without having to tap away at your phone whilst taking in caffeine to keep you going – GUARANTEED!

So, what is Quoox?

Of course it does everything that your normal CRM does…

It accepts member payments, is a booking platform, a till system, and all the usual things you would expect from any gym management software.

It also does loads of other stuff that your current system doesn’t, but that you still have to…

  • Keep your members happy and engaged… send them a holiday or “away from gym” home workout, with video links to the exercise library
  • Give them a diet plan
  • Give them a cookbook
  • Give them an eBook
  • Send out emails and text messages

All these are done for you and, even better, after you have uploaded your logo once, all material is branded as your own. It will seem as if you have created all this material yourself, giving you time to enjoy that coffee!

Quoox integrates with the online Xero accountancy package, so you no longer need to spend money (or time) having your transactions uploaded to your accounts.

All staff rotas are shown against your timetable, so you can easily create your schedule. With un-staffed sessions, conflicts etc. all flagged automatically. Oh, and it also has a GPS linked staff clock in!

Members and staff communicate with each other through the app. You can see if your staff have responded, and messages remain highlighted until read. Say goodbye to excuses!

Staff can talk to each other through the staff noticeboard. Messages remain prominently highlighted until they have been read, meaning no more missed information!

With our full member profiling you can provide each member with an amazing, personal experience.

Not only can you store all of their details here, such as forms, payment details (with direct debit and multiple card storage), and par-q – just like regular gym management software, but you can

  • auto generate personal diet plans
  • send them workouts
  • update any injury or medical conditions on the interactive anatomical model
  • note particular exercise likes/dislikes
  • members can directly upload their food pics and workout pics direct to you, for comment and motivation
  • record personal bests in any activity you choose
  • and see details of their weight, body fat, BMI, all plotted on a graph.

Make your members feel valued and appreciated. All you have to do is click a few buttons!

Become the local expert with everything done for you! With our branded ebooks, simply upload them to your website, send them to prospective joiners, and impress your current members.

Quoox gives you 52 relevant emails to send out as weekly newsletters, including seasonal topics for Easter, Christmas, and the summer holidays.

Want to find out what else Quoox can do for you? Schedule a demo, reclaim your life, and get to enjoy a quiet coffee again!