Preventing member drop-off with Quoox

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As gym owners, we all worry about member drop-off.

With busy timetables, and a hectic schedule, it can be hard to keep track of which members have been in, and who you haven’t seen for a while.

Quoox makes it easy to stay on-top-of member attendance… Our dashboard “member drop-off widget” shows you those members that haven’t been to your facility for a while – with the time period configurable by you.

You can easily view the member’s profile, along with their recent activity. Drop them an email or text – which you can either write yourself or select from a pre-written template.

Why not send the member a home workout, delivered via the Quoox mobile app, with supporting exercise videos?

Quoox makes these steps a breeze! Your members will feel more appreciated, and valued participants in your fitness community.

This is just one of the ways that Quoox can make your life better!