See how Quoox makes managing member attendance simple

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It’s frustrating when members don’t show up for a session, both for you – and for other members who would have happily taken their place.

Quoox provides a number of fully automated tools to help maximise member attendance.

Our flexible reminder system is completely customisable by you, and you can send as many automated reminders as you wish – either by email or by text.

Quoox also integrates directly with your member’s favourite calendar apps – enabling them to see their forthcoming sessions, as well as reducing the risk of them forgetting or double-booking themselves.

Built-in reliability profiling scores your members, reducing their mark for ‘no-shows’ or late cancellations. This metric is shared with your members via the Quoox mobile app and helps encourage attendance. Nobody wants a bad report!

Optional ‘strike rules’ can be setup for repeat offenders, suspending their ability to book for a short while – with the settings totally under your control.

Finally, the Quoox mobile app makes it easy for members to see their bookings, and to cancel if they can’t attend. The Quoox waitlist functionality will then automatically offer-up the available space to other interested members.

This is just one of the ways that Quoox can make your life better!