Remove the headache of rota management with Quoox

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Managing staff rotas is both time-consuming and a regular headache for many boutique gym owners.

The Quoox rota management functionality shows your staff shifts and scheduled sessions in an easy to understand side-by-side view.

Quoox will automatically flag ‘open shifts’, ‘un-allocated sessions’ and ‘shift conflicts’, averting potentially embarrassing class cover mistakes. Recording employee holidays and sickness is also a breeze.

Your team can view their forthcoming shifts via the Quoox mobile app, as well as receiving automated shift update alerts.

Furthermore, they can clock-in and out using the app – with their location verified by GPS. No more late attendance, or questionable timesheet entries!

At the end of each pay period, Quoox will process the staff timesheets and generate the gross remuneration figures for processing via payroll.

This is just one of the ways that Quoox can make your life better!