Say goodbye to the constant interruptions with Quoox

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You think you’ve finally got 5-minutes to yourself, but your members have other ideas! Text messages; emails; Facebook and WhatsApp messages are all busily pinging-away on your phone… and now you’ve got to forward them all to your staff, so they’re also in-the-know.

Quoox solves this issue with its smart 2-way communications centre. All member texts and emails come into Quoox and are recorded against the member record. Not only can you respond quickly and easily, but you can also see whether your staff have replied. Additionally, you have a full audit trail of all communications.

Your staff no longer need to have any member details on their phones and, at long last, you can finally get some time to spend with your family – easy in the knowledge that nothing is being missed.

This is just one of the ways that Quoox can make your life better!