Membership payments, made easy with Quoox

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Quoox makes taking payments from your members nice-and-easy…

Our integration with Stripe enables you to take credit & debit card payments from your clientele, with the ability to store multiple cards against each member.

Additionally, via our link with GoCardless, members can opt to pay for their membership fees via Direct Debit – reducing both your transaction fees and your member’s interest charges. If a Direct Debit is declined, you can opt to charge a stored card instead.

Your financial transactions are totally secure, and directly between your business and the merchant.
Quoox is integrated with the popular Xero accountancy package. Your transactions are transferred into Xero seconds after they occur, ensuring that you always have full insight into your business position. Better still, you can ensure you comply properly with tax accounting rules; keep the taxman happy; and reduce your accountancy bill!

This is just one of the ways that Quoox can make your life better!