Keeping your staff informed with Quoox

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Every gym owner knows how difficult and time consuming it can be to keep staff updated. Yet, as hard as you try, messages still somehow slip through-the-cracks.

With its built-in “staff noticeboard”, Quoox makes the dissemination of information amongst your team an absolute doddle! You can flag messages as having high-importance, as well as making them “sticky” so they stay at the top of the noticeboard. For messages about members, the notice is automatically linked to the member record.

Notices remain clearly highlighted until they have been read by the staff member. Associated reporting lets you see who has and who hasn’t seen your message, along with when it was read.

Say goodbye to the WhatsApp groups, post-it notes, and bits of paper everywhere. With Quoox you can now rest assured that all of your staff are in-the-know.

This is just one of the ways that Quoox can make your life better!