Professional Fitness Coaches Association

Professional Fitness Coaches Association (The PFCA)

The PFCA provide the most forward-thinking professional development programme in the UK.

They have one mission: to help personal trainers to become better coaches. They make that happen by focusing on the practical application of sound knowledge.

Raising the standards in fitness coaching

Raising the standard of fitness coaching

Created and delivered by two of the UK’s leading fitness coaches: Jenz Robinson and Ollie Marchon, the PFCA combines personal expertise with proven success to connect, understand and influence every aspect of the fitness industry.

Everything the PFCA contribute to the industry is built on a practical foundation for excellence, it blends proven scientific principles with expert coaching and communication skills.

They stand to inspire, educate and motivate the growth minded coaches who can carry the industry forward. And their for improvement is just one of the reasons why the PFCA remains at the forefront of applied functional fitness training today.

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Raising the standard of fitness coaching