Successfully operating within Phase 2, “Smarter Control”

In England we are moving into Phase-2 of the COVID-19 response, as per government publication Our Plan to Rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy (CP239).

What this means is that, as of today, sessions can be offered one to one training outside, without the use of equipment, delivered at a 2m distance. We would advocate checking your insurance policy as to your position.

In England, each phase will be separated into steps, allowing monitored advancements as the country moves forwards. Suggesting that, over time, how we are allowed to work with our clients and members will change.

Offering One-To-One Training Outside

One to one sessions work differently for each sector of the industry. For now  you cannot provide equipment for your clients, so they will have to bring their own or you will need to run body weight based sessions. For yoga, pilates and martial arts sessions, where less equipment is typically needed, this is less of an issue.

For some exercise clients, high impact body weight exercises – burpees, plyometrics, running, etc are just not an option. You will have to get creative in your programming, and not just based on ability and injury, but also for variety – make a push-up not look like a push up!

For those who do not offer one on one training, or who offer a combination of both one-on-one and group, you can keep on providing live virtual sessions and on-demand training, as with XRcize.

For those who cannot afford one-on-one training, and let’s be honest this is most people, your virtual and on-demand sessions are their lifeline. For those who may decide to have, for example, one session with you per week, they need to doing more, and you need to encourage them to do so.

How can you address these issues? How can you serve more people, at multiple price points, at the same time, without overwhelming yourself or breaking the guidelines and putting anyone (including yourself and your family) in danger?

How Quoox Can Help You

We have a 3-step plan for you.


Offer Online On-demand Training – On-demand training is great business, as it means that once created the sessions are available forever, whenever.

Quoox has within the system on-demand training. XRcize enables you to create your own library, or upload your existing library form YouTube or Vimeo, create sessions and programs and sell them to your clients.

You are not involved in the delivery-to-client process, so once created you are free to offer one-on-one training whist your on-demand program is training others – it’s a coach working 24/7  just for you!

You can even create some stability in your income by charging a monthly subscription to your on-demand training. And, Quoox‘s software will run this whole section of your business for you:

  • advertise your online training through Campaigns
  • sell to interested clients through automated messages
  • handle the online sign up and take payment
  • deliver the program
  • carry on talking to your new client through automated message reachouts

A great XRcize difference is that you can create up to five-levels of the same workout; from beginner to super hard, in just a few minutes. Your clients will never get bored as they can select which level of workout they want to do in their app, and with a few simple changes one workout becomes five.

For example, for a fitness session a timed interval workout could be delivered as a 50:10, 40:20, 30:30, 20:40, 10:50 program. Your client can select which they want to do, and the in-app timer will change depending on the workout.

Or you can change the exercises themselves: if the first exercise is a Push Up, for each level of the workout you can progress or regress the exercise:

Level 1 – Elevated Push Up
Level 2 – Knee Push Up
Level 3 – Push Up
Level 4 – Spiderman Push Up
Level 5 – Clapping push Up

Your client can pick what level of session they want to do, or can stick with the level you selected for them.

XRcize works as either a stand alone product, or as part of the complete Quoox system, working alongside your Zoom sessions, in person one-on-one sessions, and the diet plans and recipes included in Quoox.


Offer Virtual Sessions – many have moved across to streaming sessions, with Zoom being the most popular choice.

Whilst these sessions obviously require you to be present, virtual sessions allow you to train multiple clients at the same time, and are super convenient.

Whether you charge for these as a monthly subscription or pay as you go option, the more simple you can make the process – for both your members and yourself, the better.

We can help you with this process.

  • You create a session in your schedule and Quoox will automatically create a meeting room in Zoom for you, saving you the time and hassle of double creating your timetable.
  • When a member books their session in your app, they are auto sent a link to the session. No more copying and pasting the link for you!
  • Your member can either join the session through the email, or even better, open their app, see the session they have booked and tap Join Session button. Pretty cool! No more searching their inbox for your email.
  • Quoox will handle your members attendance for you; updating their records, perfect for if they are on a limited session membership or have bought a block of sessions, and updating their reliability score (one of our retention tools). It is all about doing your admin for you.

Quoox integrates with Zoom, and other meeting rooms such as WebEx, YouTube Live, etc.


One-On-One Training – now you can get back to serving your clients in person. They have missed you, and you have missed them.

Quoox has everything you need to run this element of your business, and it will work anywhere you have internet connection (including down the park!). The more tasks you can automate the more time you can save, time you can make available for more one to one sessions.

  • clients book in your app, it is a live feed so as they change their session times it auto updates their calendar and your schedule, no need to text.
  • through Roll Call you are shown all records about each client at the start of their session – injuries, preferences, dislikes, goals, payment issues, a complete overview.
  • their records are automatically updated including sessions remaining and reliability.
  • book them in at the end of their session, or let them book kthemselves in your app.
  • update any records including session details, injuries, plans for next session.
  • all book keeping tasks are handled through integration with Xero, saving you time  (for more one to one sessions!) and accountancy fees.

For those who cannot afford multiple one on one sessions, you can provide On-demand and/or Virtual sessions to “top up” their training regime.

Added Value

Through Quoox you can also offer dietary support with the included diet plans, cook book and recipes, all of which are branded as your own.

These are delivered to your clients in your app, for them to view, and print if they wish. Ask them to upload pictures of their meals, through the app, for you to comment on through the included message centre.

You can also comment, through the message centre, on activity done when not with you, such as steps per day, sleeping habits, distanced walked and their jogging sessions with Quoox‘s integration with Fitbit® and Myzone®.

To Wellness And Beyond…

Your business has always been about more than a single session, and this is apparent now more than ever before.

Your sessions need to be great, and so does your support and communications. Your clients are dependent on you to get them through this and out the other side, fit well and vital.

Quoox will ensure your business thrives throughout the current situation and after, ensuring you are ready and prepared with a plan, every step of every phase.

Look out for our article on Phase 3 of lockdown and your business.


Ben Brand | Co-Founder

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