Guide for 1:1 Outdoor Training

The British government have just released this guideline for personal training.

We wanted to offer up some support on how you may want to operate within these guidelines.

There are several key areas of consideration to ensure safe operation, and to be able to demonstrate safe practice; both to your clients and for any necessary reporting should a case of COVID-19 arise amongst your clients:

  • Provide a statement of intended practice. You may want to send each of your clients a copy of this.
  • Have a record of attended sessions
  • Have a record of client details such as temperature, and symptoms check.
  • Be able to trace all attended sessions within a 14 day period (at least), for contact purposes.
  • Show intended cleaning practice; providing details of task, when completed, and additional notes.

Additionally, you may want to consider wearing a mask and gloves when handling equipment, on top of ensuring the minimum 2m distance at all times.

If you would like to see how Quoox can help with all of these administration tasks, allowing you to focus on your client, please arrange a consultation.


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