What is your future

What is your future?

I am pretty sure you have heard the saying, or versions of, if you aren’t moving forwards, if you aren’t progressing, you are failing.

Perhaps more true is that if we don’t change the way we work, then overtime we will produce diminishing results.

As behaviours and circumstances change, the results created by our old way of operating lessens.

For example, if you have pivoted to Zoom sessions, but haven’t changed your software, you are:

  • Having to create the sessions on your schedule
  • Then creating the sessions in Zoom
  • Then sending out links to your attendees for the Zoom session
  • Then re-sending it to those who lose or delete their link
  • Sending a different link to those who change their session time

The solution to this all extra work is to change software, to one that handles all of this for you (as Quoox does)

Staying the same is comfortable.

Change is uncomfortable.

But staying the same means death by a thousand cuts.

Although it feels risky, change is actually the safer option.

The fitness landscape has changed, forever.

If you are just hoping to return to things as they were when you re-open, then you are in for a shock. You may be able to survive, but you certainly will not thrive.

So, the choice is yours.

Innovate or die.

  • Your customers are going to want a fusion of in person, on demand and live virtual training.
  • You are going to need to carefully document your cleaning procedures
  • You are going to need to carefully document details, such as temperature, symptoms, etc, of everyone you work with in person
  • If you use a check in kiosk, you will not be able to use that anymore
  • Can you have people join your gym online? Take payment, send them your schedule, deliver collataral, etc.
  • Do you have campaigns to attract new members to your new offerings ready to go?
  • Do you have a proven automated lead communication system in place?
  • Are you staying in regular communication with your community?

You are going to be really busy trying to cover all these areas. Have you got a plan?

Would you like software that can do all of this for you? Plus many more cutting edge features your members, old and new, will love.

Contact us for a consultation to see how Quoox can help you update your software.


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