Temperature and symptom checks for your sessions

Temperature and symptom checks for your sessions

In line with our vision for the future of fitness business operations, we are working around-the-clock to bring you new features to ensure you can meet the changing demands put upon you.

As we are permitted to work with our members, clients and students in person again, you will need to clearly demonstrate that you have procedures in place – not just for compliance with the authorities, but for your customers.

There are those who will return to your sessions without any hesitation, and there are those who will need coaxing. Industry thought leader, Thom Plummer, believes this could be as many as 67% of your previous members, not to mention any potential new customers.

We all want the world to go back to 2019. We all want our lives back. But the gym business, at least for the next several years, will not be the same again. New rules, new standards and new battles to fight and no matter how defiant you stand, you cannot take your business back in time.

Thom Plummer
Industry Guru

Administration tasks

On top of your usual session requirements, you are going to need to document:

  • Attendees – self check-in tablets are out
  • Details for each person – on a spreadsheet, on a clipboard?
  • Cleaning procedures – another spreadsheet?
  • Any incidents – incident diary?
  • Further Notes – yet another spreadsheet?

How will you do this?

Will you create yet more spreadsheets? Will you subscribe to yet another software platform at more cost and time to use? Or, will you do both…..

The Solution

Remember, member self check-in on a tablet has gone for now.

At the start of each session you initiate Quoox‘s Roll Call. You are given an overview of each person stood in front of you including:

  • Check each attendee in – handling attendance records, session allocation, etc.
  • Medical details, including any injuries, of those about to train
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Goals
  • Any further notes

Covid-19 Safety Section

  • Temperature box – input each attendees temperature (we recommend using an IR (infra-red) thermometer), with a health range detailed for reference
  • Notes box – input any display of symptoms
  • Symptoms Link – a link to your country’s official COVID-19 symptoms overview page

Cleaning Compliance

We have various ways you can document your cleaning procedures, and we would recommend that you do so.

You can create your cleaning rota in To-Do Tasks, or Reminders, for particular days and times of day, and assign them to individual staff members or to teams. Which they are required to check as complete, and can add notes to.

For each session there is a notes section, where the assigned lead staff member can state all cleaning has been carried out.

You also have an Incident Log that collects time when the incident was logged, details and member of staff involved.

Safety for your business, and the people involved

More than ever you need to have clear procedures in place, and be able to ensure they are carried out.

As more clarity as to operating guidelines is given, we will continue to make sure you have the very best software support protecting you and your business, ensuring you are compliant and your staff and customers are safe, and very importantly, feel safe to join your in-person sessions.

Stay safe.


Ben Brand | Co-Founder

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