The Hybrid/Fusion Gym

The Hybrid Gym

Charles Darwin is often misquoted, what he said was:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.

If you look at long distance travel as an example; horseback was replaced by train, was replaced by car, was replaced by plane…..

There are some things that remain constant. People’s desire for convenience.

The live experience of a gym class, one-to-one or group session is irreplaceable. People will still want this. But change has happened, so how do we embrace it, and use it as a lever to success?

Adaption-The Hybrid Model

Whilst we certainly never foresaw the outbreak of a pandemic, we believed all gyms would need to offer, eventually, online services.

This is why XRcize, our on demand feature, has always been part of our complete software package, no third party software, no extra subscription costs, no need to integrate. We believed all fitness facilities would want to give their customers a blend of in person training and online. We wanted to make it convenient and easy for our customers to deliver to their members.

On-Demand Training

On demand training is a vital hybrid tool, keeping your members fit and part of your community even when they cannot get to you in person or commit to a scheduled virtual session. And, best of all, the delivery does not take any of your time.

  • Works alongside your bricks and mortar and Zoom memberships, complementing your offering and bringing added value to your customers
  • They can work out with your software at home at 02:00 in the morning
  • You can give your customers holiday workouts
  • You can give your mums a complete summer holidays home workout program they can do after the kids have gone to bed, or whilst watching Netflix!
  • You can sell this as a stand alone membership/package

Read more about XRcize.


Zoom (other platforms are available!) sessions are here to stay, and will remain part of your hybrid offering for the foreseeable.

Our software makes it super convenient for your customers to participate and for you to run live streamed sessions.

Benefits to you

  • Integrate Zoom with Quoox (takes two minutes)
  • Create regular sessions in your schedule
  • Quoox creates each session in Zoom, so you don’t have to
  • Quoox automatically sends your member the link when they book, so you don’t have to
  • Start the Zoom session from your dashboard (no need to leave your dashboard)
  • When your member joins the session Quoox handles sign in, credit usage, member detail updates, etc

Benefits to your members

  • Receive emailed link immediately on booking
  • Can join the session form your app with a simple tap of a button – no need to save and search for the emailed link, everything is handled in your app.

Zoom integration is included in your single monthly payment, with no third party software needed nor extra subscription costs. Read more about Zoom and Quoox.


The facilities that will thrive (note, not just survive) are those that adapt, and do so rapidly.

If you don’t offer your customers what they want, they will go elsewhere for it. If they are going to pay someone for a service that you can provide, why aren’t you offering it – your members trust you, and would rather buy from you.

It’s convenient for them.

It’s what they want.

If you would like a simple software solution, that allows you to offer more to your customers without it taking more of your time, all for a low monthly cost then schedule your consultation.


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