Complete member sign up system

Complete member sign up system

We have all seen the ad’s: “done for you… automated… no hassle…”

As a facility owner I looked at 100’s, each time hoping this would be the last time. Heck, some even claimed to be exactly that!

Until I gave up…

And created my own system that ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES!

You want to operate a busy, successful facility, with systems in place ensuring excellence for your members.

We want to help you create this.

Here is an example of how we automate your new member journey, form capturing them as a lead to conversion to a paying member.

New Sign Up Journey

Online sign ups are all completely handled by Quoox, from lead generating campaigns to collecting payment and delivery of membership, credits and collateral.

Here is a step by step example of how Quoox can handle this process for you.

Your Prospect:

  1. Sees your post on Facebook – (created in Quoox) they are interested, and;
  2. Clicks through to your landing page (created by Quoox, or by you/your agency and put in your post), they like what they see and;
  3. Register their details – including answers to any questions you ask; such as what are your goals, do you have any injuries, etc.;
  4. Is sent automated messages showing them your facility, how you can help them, encouraging them to join (30 Day trial, full membership, etc);
  5. Signs up for your offering – with automated payment collection, and;
  6. Receives their welcome email, with instructions of how to download your app;
  7. Receives your waiver form, to be printed, signed, and uploaded via the app to you;
  8. Is given credits for in-person sessions;
  9. Is given credits for live streaming sessions;
  10. Is given their on-demand online training package, delivered via their app;
  11. Receives any documents/content you wish to include with the membership, such as diet plans, recipes, cook books, e-books, etc. into their app.
  12. Books their first session.

You are told, in Roll Call, it’s your new member’s first session, so you can welcome them into your community. This would be the first time you have had any in-person contact with them, your new member of course would not be aware of this – up until now all communication has been handled by the software. Leaving you to focus on excellent session delivery.


From start to finish, new member sign up REALLY is handled for you.

Of course, you can use all or part of this system to suit your business. For example, if you want to speak to your prospect after they register, add a “schedule a call” pop up for them to book. There are many options.

To see how Quoox can help you, book a consultation.


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