Contact tracing regulations

COVID-19 software for your fitness business

Once gyms are given the go ahead to re-open you are going to be busy!

It is going to feel a bit like a re-launch, and we wanted to handle some of the new tasks you are going to have to implement alongside everything else you will be doing, so you can focus on delivering awesome sessions and remind your community why training in a gym is so much better than training in their kitchen!

Whilst we are awaiting clarity on re-opening and guidelines as to exactly how we will be operating, we have have been busy creating software for you to be able to provide a complete contact tracing and cleaning audit trail. We believe this is vital to protect your business, your staff and your members, and it may well be requisite of re-opening.

More than a check box task

It is also important to remember this is not just an administration task; clear and transparent procedure will provide your members with assurity that you are safe to return to and you are looking after their well being. We would recommend that you share with your members your procedures and how your software logs the operation, and that this is for every session they have with you.


Should you ever need to, you will be able to provide a complete report upon request. Our COVID-19 Safety feature will provide you with:

  • Name, time and date of session attended
  • Name, time and date of others in session
  • Temperature and any symptoms of person
  • Confirmation of pre-session checks from the session leader
  • Confirmation of assigned and completed cleaning (verified and time and date logged)

Cleaning Log

It is very probably going to be a requirement that your facility and equipment is regularly sanitised. You will need to ensure this is carried out.

We have created a cleaning log, enabling you to detail exactly what areas and equipment have been cleaned, time and date completed, and an optional verified check box for staff to fill.

Our ethos is to provide our customers with the tools they need to improve the running of their business and provide a better experience for their members, through simple to use software. Our COVID-19 Safety features are an example of this, providing you with software to implement systems into your business which also benefit your members.

Right now we are offering our software at a 50% discount. This rate was applied to all of our existing customers as well as new as we do not believe in applying special measures to new custom only. If you would like to book a consultation to see how Quoox can help your fitness business, click here.

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