BC/AC - The New Era

BC/AC – The New Era Fitness Facility

The world has changed, and along with it the landscape in which all fitness businesses find themselves operating in has also changed. At Quoox we refer to two time periods:

Before Covid and After Covid

Some of you may think this an over-reaction. And we understand that you want your fitness facility to return to how things were, but this will not happen. At least not in the short term.

We all want to return to normal life but that norm will be a new one, certainly for gyms.

Three months ago the majority of fitness coaches were not offering live streamed sessions, and most had never heard of Zoom; now nearly all are offering Zoom sessions.

On-demand fitness training was a product offered by some, and now it is practically a given that you will have this for your customers.

At Quoox we believed that all gyms would eventually be a hydrid offering, and had created our gym management software with on-demand training as an integral feature. But A.C. means you will have to be a whole lot more. The A.C. fitness customer will be looking for a complete wellness solution, a total life package.

Gym Life A.C.

Many coaches are offering Zoom sessions now and some hope to stop doing so when they open, whilst others have created live studios within their bricks and mortar facilities with a view to a continued provision after they have opened.

Whatever your thoughts on live streaming, you will not be permitted to provide the larger participant capacity fitness sessions of B.C. for a while yet, and so will need to have other services in place if you are to remain profitable.

Thomas Plummer , boutique fitness guru, recently presented his thoughts as to the training gym industry’s future, where he discussed in some detail how the next generation facility will look.

Thom also discussed the fitness customer, who they are and what they will be looking for.

Beyond exercise sessions the customer will want:

  • More detailed nutrition support
  • Stress Relief
  • Restoration

They will want this seven days  a week, and you will need to offer this in-person AND virtually.

Such is his belief in the on-line offering Thom even discussed setting up your LIVE studio, and what lighting and which camera to use.

The fitness facilities that have always thrived are those that provide their customers with what they are looking for. Those who have always quickly adapted. You are going to have to work smarter, because harder will not be enough. You cannot work 24/7, but your software can.

Next Generation Gym Management Software

Comprehensive member profiling

You will need software that helps you deliver what your customers are looking for.

We have customers who have pivoted at a rapid rate and are delivering:

  • Live streamed sessions from their new live studios
  • Personalised profiling
  • More detailed nutritional support
  • Guided mindfulness
  • Restoration sessions
  • Video check-ins
  • Reach outs

All through our software. No third party integrations. No extra subscriptions. All in one easy to use place.

These facilities are providing the dynamic support that their customers are looking for, and they are signing up new members whilst their competitors are waiting for the old norm to return.

Their new members are joining remotely, through our software, without any personal customer touch points.

These new members are then receiving incredible support, delivered remotely, with no extra man hours required.

The new era facility is building relationships, using our software to create trusting members keen to come in once their doors open; members who will carry on receiving their online services and also their in-person sessions;

members feeling safe due to our Covid-19 Safety features.

Customers getting what they want.

So, whilst some are hoping for the old way to return and ignoring the advice of industry gurus, others are listening, taking action, adapting, and their gyms are thriving.

Which are you going to do?

To take your fitness software into the next era, book your consultation.


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