Deliver engaging MZ-Remote live sessions with Quoox

Deliver engaging MZ-Remote LIVE sessions in 2 clicks!

June 8, 2020: Quoox, the market disrupting Gym and Fitness Studio Management platform, is delighted to announce its integration with Myzone’s MZ-Remote, bringing a unified, seamless booking and delivery process to facility owners, coaches, and members.

Using MZ-Remote with Quoox Gym Management Software quite literally couldn’t be any simpler. Having connected your Zoom and Myzone accounts to Quoox, which takes a matter of minutes, Quoox then takes care of everything from that point onwards.

Start Your MZ-Remote Session with 2 Clicks!

CLICK 1: Start the Zoom session by clicking the camera button in the Quoox booking screen.

CLICK 2: Start the MZ-Remote Live Board by clicking the Myzone button.

That’s it! Your session is under way!

Further Details

Once the session has completed, Quoox undertakes some housekeeping, ensuring your MZ-Book setup always remains clean and tidy.

The result for coaches and facility owners is a no-touch, effortless setup of MZ-Remote sessions, started with literally two clicks – leaving you free to concentrate on the session delivery.

All manual configuration of Zoom and MZ-Book is set aside and handled by Quoox. No more manual setting up meetings; copying meeting links; setting up credits; and bookings in two systems.  All of this is handled behind-the-scenes with absolutely no extra effort required by you or your members.

Continuing our ethos of delivering facility owners and their members more for less, we are proud to have worked with the Myzone team - and to be the first gym & studio facility management software to bring a seamless, consistent booking process to the MZ-Remote delivery process.

Ben Brand
Co-Founder, Quoox

Easy For Your Members

As always, members book all of their sessions via the Quoox mobile app.

  • At the time of the session, the member clicks the “Join Session” button in their app.
  • Members with a Myzone belt are automatically taken to the MZ-Remote session.
  • Members without a Myzone belt are taken to the live stream in the Zoom app.

If a member cancels their booking, Quoox removes both their Zoom and MZ-Book bookings.

A simple, consistent booking and attendance process for your clients – the same process whether they are booking a LIVE or in-person session.

About Myzone

Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. Widely respected, the Myzone solution is used by thousands of gyms and studios across the globe. Building further on their product capabilities, MZ-Remote is an innovative new solution that brings the power of Myzone to online workouts.

Whilst supporting different live streams, the MZ-Remote experience is arguably richest when combined with Zoom. The setup and configuration of MZ-Remote is managed via MZ-Book.

Quoox provides a cohesive, centralised management solution for both Zoom and MZ-Remote. Your members are delivered a consistent booking and access process, and the configuration and synchronisation of multiple systems is all handled seamlessly by Quoox.

A more detailed explanation of setting up Quoox with MZ-Remote is available here.

This feature is available free to all subscribed Quoox and MZ-Remote customers

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