Relaunching after COVID-19 - A Case Study

CASE STUDY: Relaunching after COVID-19

Learn how Nisus Fitness, Ireland, re-launched their business using Quoox & MZ-Remote – signing up over 100 members in just a few days, and delivering a hybrid of live online; on-demand; and in-person training.


Whether we like it or not, the fitness landscape has undergone a seismic change.

Fitness facilities around the world are re-opening and having to navigate the “new norm”, and this has created a divide. There are those who are expecting to go back to how it was, and there are those who are meeting the challenge head on.

Whether you are an “acceptor” or “denier”, there are going to be differences in operation. That is fact.  New risk assessments; statements of operation; enhanced documented cleaning; distancing of members/clients (and therefore less capacity in sessions) are just a few of the elements that you will have to address. If your fitness business model was previously founded on or generated income from group training, you are going to have to adapt and change, as it is not currently a product option for your business.

This whitepaper outlines how one gym in Ireland relaunched themselves using Quoox and MZ-Remote; how they have adapted to the new way of operation (bringing in new streams of revenue); and how they are thriving as a result.

What is Quoox?

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Stepping back and the issue of "self-harm"

There is a problem within the fitness industry that long pre-dates COVID-19.

We are an industry that seems to continually look to hurt itself, with a “race to the bottom” price approach. The closure of facilities saw a mass migration onto online training, with many offering this service for free.  Now those same people face the dilemma of trying to introduce charging for what was a free service, whilst others remain offering the service at zero or negligible cost. This makes it incredibly difficult for some to implement charging.

Of course, the situation is not helped by “celebrity” high profile coaches providing free online sessions.  Regardless of what you may think of their standard of training, the uptake has been tremendous. Let’s not forget they are able to offer training for free because they are not dependent on these sessions for their income… this typically comes from other sources such as endorsements, appearances, product sales, etc.  Consequently they may continue to offer these free sessions for the foreseeable future.

So, the first hurdle to overcome is how to differentiate your live and on-demand sessions from the free products, plus the sophisticated and low priced offerings available.

Your members/clients came to you initially because they were looking for something different. They did not want to be “just another member” or “a number on a spreadsheet”, greeted by a disinterested vacant smile from a receptionist who would not recognise them tomorrow.

Your facility gives your members and clients “community” – a sense of belonging to something they enjoy being a part of; a place where they meet friends, feel better about themselves, and step away from whatever was happening in their lives with people they like being with.

It is imperative that you remain focused on this community aspect, even in your online delivery.

Differentiate your offering: How Nisus Fitness adapted

Like all fitness facilities, Nisus Fitness was shut down due to COVID-19. and as with many facilities, they moved to live streaming and began providing their community with virtual sessions.

Nisus were one of the first facilities to make use of Myzone’s MZ-Remote – a live streaming feature that implements the experience of real time effort display, previously only available for in-person sessions. MZ-Remote enables the host coach to see how hard you are actually working; make individual and personalised comments about this; and provide a more intimate and tailored training experience for members- all whilst they are  exercising in their living room.

Nisus, led by owner and head coach Joe O Connor, has taken this a step further, with a custom built, dedicated live studio within their facility.

The training team at Nisus are able to talk to their session attendees directly; interacting on a personal level on how they are doing, how hard they are working, or if they need to up their effort. Equally importantly, they can celebrate their member’s efforts in real time. Engaging and motivational, and a powerful differentiator!

Joe and his team did not stop there.  They created on-demand sessions which meant that, as well as attending scheduled live streamed sessions, members could access step-by-step guided workouts at any time of day. These sessions were recorded by the coaches that their members know and are used to working with, as opposed to being put together from a generic, prerecorded library they can get elsewhere – probably cheaper, if not free. This attention to detail and the needs of individuals has kept their paying customers engaged and loyal to their brand.

Nisus Fitness offer their online membership at a competitive price and, accordingly, Joe was looking for an effective, “no-touch” process, where interested people could simply sign up; pay; and be delivered their membership quickly and efficiently – thus ensuring the product remained profitable.

As the facility begins its return to in-person sessions (in August) they were looking for a process that keeps their members and staff safe; promotes a level of professional operation; and which makes members and clients feel comfortable to return to the in-person training environment. Quoox‘s contact tracing and enhanced cleaning logs are a vital part of this member nurturing process.

Quoox has given me more time to work with my clients, members, and team. I am no longer bogged-down with the complexities of multiple software platforms.

Quoox is the solution that allowed me to go hybrid with my business.

Joe O Connor
Owner, Nisus Fitness

Beyond fitness

Many people have been concerned with weight gain whilst they have been on lock-down.  Nisus included in their joining collateral health recipes to help their members on their return to wellness, delivered upon sign-up directly into their members app. They have also added cooking video demonstrations into the on-demand area of their members app, to enhance their customer experience.

The comprehensive Nisus session schedule also delivers lower intensity level activities, to provide a complete offering to their customers.

Other offerings might include guided meditation and mindfulness, to facilitate a holistic approach to a wellness offering.

The well-rounded program and options provided by Nisus Fitness enabled them to sign up over 100 members in their first week of re-launching their business – all “no touch”.

The bar has been lifted beyond exercise sessions. People are looking for a holistic wellness approach to their lives.

Quoox, MZ-Remote and Nisus Fitness

Joe O Connor knows the fitness industry inside-out.  Even before COVID-19 he fully understood that the future of the industry was a hybrid of live online; on-demand; and in-person training.  The problem he had was how to deliver that, and in a way that was engaging (yet straightforward) for his members, and his team.  He was already using  “market leading” software, but it simply couldn’t deliver.

Myzone’s MZ-Remote offering provided a major step forward to the engagement and accountability aspects of online training.  The real-time feedback is invaluable in making sure that members work at their optimum, and that both encouragement and praise are issued in a personal manner.

Joe employed Quoox‘s wealth of member attraction, engagement and retention tools to get his business re-started – something he achieved to great effect.  The products’ deep integration with MZ-Remote and Zoom meant a laborious session setup process was reduced to literally 2-clicks.

At Quoox, we are delighted to be working with Joe and his team, and look forward to continuing to support Nisus Fitness in reaching their business goals.

Why not take a look at our demo, and see how might Quoox help a business like yours?

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