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To Zoom or not to Zoom!

That is the question… for many fitness operators.

Some professional have hated leading Zoom sessions, longing for the return of their in-person sessions. Others have decided to switch entirely to the online model, and many are still undecided as to what to do.

At Quoox gym management software we talk to various fitness operators every week with differing opinions on this, so we decided to share with you some key elements to help you make your decision.

If a client/member is tested positive for COVID-19
Those that have come into contact with that person may have to self isolate for 14 days. This could include other members of your facility, and some or even all of your coaches. The ability to provide Zoom sessions alongside in-person could be invaluable in the event of this occurring.

Not yet ready
There are those who are not yet comfortable returning to the gym, and also those who have never been comfortable with a gym environment, but are happy to train in the comfort of their own home. They will continue to want Zoom sessions. Your job becomes to build trust and slowly encourage them, should they want, to come into your facility.

The Mum Factor! 
Many mums still have their children at home and cannot return to the gym even if they want to, and let’s not forget we have the summer holidays approaching – a time when mums often find it difficult to get to the gym. Again, Zoom is perfect for this group.

Were a second wave to return to your area, and lockdown was enforced again, all sessions would revert to Zoom (other options are available!).

Realities of providing Zoom Sessions

Cost To You
You cannot be in two places at once! So to offer a comprehensive Zoom schedule can mean an increase in staff costs, or a reduction of in-person availability.

Cost To Your Members
Many providers are unsure what to charge for Zoom sessions. Here a few factors to help you determine your charges:

  • If you charge for your time, i.e. an hourly rate, then arguably a session is chargeable at your rate.
  • You may wish to consider and pass on to your clients/members the reduction in costs to you in delivering Zoom sessions; such as if you no longer need to travel to clients, or if you no longer have gym operation costs.
  • If Zoom sessions are an extra to your previous services, consider charging extra for them.
  • If Zoom sessions replace some previous in-person sessions, are what your members want and your customers have a choice of both, should your rate change at all?

Steve Tharrett, of Club Intel, recently published 6 recommendations for facility operators to consider, and stated:

“If your business model is designed to attract Millenials and Generation Z, be prepared to integrate virtual fitness into your value proposition permanently.”

We hope these thoughts help you on your way to making a decision.  Whilst there is no single right answer for everyone, whatever you decide, remember you are doing a great job helping people back to wellness.

If you decide to remain offering LIVE sessions, the Quoox integration with Zoom (and other platforms) facilitates a seamless, quick and easy process for your sessions.

We are now a Myzone Partner, and currently the only software integration with MZ-Remote, a product that further enhances your Zoom sessions.

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