CRM Stockholm Syndrome

Gym CRM Stockholm Syndrome – are you a sufferer?

stockholm syndrome

/stok-hohm sin-drohm/
Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse.

A question: How does your gym/studio/member management system make you feel? No, really feel?

What emotions and words immediately come to mind when you think about it?

Do any of these feel familiar?

How does your CRM make your feelIf so, we can guarantee that you are not alone in feeling that way.

At Quoox, we have had customers who have discovered us, having been with their previous provider for over 17-years – and wanting to move for the last 12!

Despite many literally “hating” their existing software and the many bolt on’s they need to make it “vaguely adequate”, the thought of moving business system causes a genuine visceral reaction. They feel it in their gut.  It makes them feel sick and anxious.

If effect, they are trapped by their own emotions and they form a psychological dependency on the system that they loathe so much: Stockholm Syndrome.

For others there is the literal entrapment of an arduous contract, where they find themselves tied in for 12, 18 or even 24 months – often just to save a tiny crumb off the exorbitant monthly fees.

You then add to that the issue of, “so where else do I go”? In the recent fitness software market there has been a big risk of “jumping from the frying pan into the fire”.

Many of the software vendors in the industry talk the big talk, but often fail to deliver. People are tired with the “add this bolt-on for another $$$ per month” approach. It is not reflective of where the fitness industry is heading, and is similarly out-of-touch with the broader software industry as a whole.

You know where we’re headed with this, right?!

Yes, you guessed it… Quoox is different…

…and not just pretend “we say we’re different ‘different'”, but actual “cor, blimey, they really are different ‘different'”.

Quoox was engineered from the ground-up using modern cloud-based technologies.  The system has been architected to provide a single, cohesive solution perfect for facilities that seek to provide their higher level of service to their members/clients.

Whilst our product is innovative, everything has been designed to deliver results.  It may be lovely to have a report graph “animate itself”, but after a couple of views you start to resent the unnecessary time that is eating up in your life!

One of our customers called us “the best thing since email”.  We think he forgot that we have built-in email and SMS too! 😉

At Quoox we do not tie our customers into a minimum duration contract.  You sign-up; you get your first month free (ample time for switching across); and then you pay one flat monthly fee.  Your only extra cost is out-going SMS messages, charged at cost monthly in arrears.

You get a free 2-3hr on-boarding session (worth £299) with one of our account management team.  This will get you 90-95% of the way towards launching. We have had customers be up and running, and taking revenue through Quoox over a weekend.

We want our customers to be with us because they love Quoox, and what it/we do to help their business – not because they’re stuck and too afraid to go elsewhere.

Our product has rapidly established us customers in our current target markets of the UK, US, IE and AU. Not only that, but we have had enquiries from as far away as Trinidad & Tobago, and have facilities worldwide crying-out for us to start operating in their territories.  This brings us onto our next point…

The industry is rife with those who over promise and under deliver. Our goal at Quoox is to provide the opposite.  Very often, during demos, we hear phrases like “your product does things I didn’t even realise I needed…”.  And we do.  If our product doesn’t do something, we will tell you.  But chances are that, with Quoox delivering way more than most of our competitors, chances are that it does – or that it soon will be.

What we won’t do is pretend we do something, sign you up, and then leave you stuck when you discover you have been misled.

At Quoox we have a strong vision on where we think the future of the fitness industry lies.  We see it as our duty to be ahead of that curve so that, when you reach the point of needing something, we’ve likely already got it in place ready.

We are proud to be an official Myzone partner, and were the first (and currently only) software solution to integrate with their amazing MZ-Remote product. This is one example of us “walking-the-walk”, and not just “talking-the-talk”.

So, we ask again, what words come to mind when you think of your current business software?  Wouldn’t you rather they be:

See how Quoox could make you feel

Well, they can be…

We don’t pretend to be “right” for everyone, but we might just be “perfect” for you and your business. Why don’t you find out?

Take a look at our demo video and around our site.  If you’d like to discuss how Quoox might specifically help your business, book a chat.

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