July 4th was the new June 8th

Is it time yet?

As human-beings, psychologically we need to something positive to fix upon.  It is our nature.

However, fixating on a “false horizon” can cause self-inflicted pain, and many facility owners operating within England have just received the latest in a long line of metaphorical stomach punches with the disillusionment of the self-created July 4 opening date.

Where did the July 4 date come from? Well, nowhere really.

July 4 was the new June 8 – a date touted by many industry group leaders, and clung-on to by those of us understandably desperate to be able to re-open for in-person training.

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Now, yet again, our hopes have been crushed with no official guidance on when the situation might improve.

So, how are we feeling about August 3? It has a nice ring to it… Or September 7…?  Or October 5…?

Could it be that it’s time to accept that we simply don’t know,
and to take control of our own destiny?

Let there be no doubt that we all desire the re-opening of our facilities.  But, and I hope at least most would agree, that this has to be done in a manner that is safe to our members; our teams; and ourselves.

Many facility owners are realising that they need to protect themselves and their business with a more cohesive strategy for operating regardless of the COVID status. As with the stock-market, “the COVID status can go down as well as up”.

Within minutes of Boris’ “non-announcement”, at Quoox, we saw several no-touch sign-ups.  Evidence seems to suggest that many of the “new normal deniers” are now also starting to re-think their positions, with the realisation that it’s not practical to continue with this month-on-month hope.

Timelines are currently awash with facility owners publishing photos of their gyms, and why they should be allowed to open. I hate to break it to you, but Boris doesn’t care about the guy you had in to “fog” your facility.

Now is the time to act, be different, and offer your members more…

Quoox provides you one platform to deliver superior live sessions (via Zoom and MZ-Remote); on-demand multi-level video sessions; and in-person training. Pivot your business model to reflect the situation as it presents itself to you – with you being the one in control!

Manage your payments; manage your members; manage your bookings; manage your staff; manage your life…

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