Member service with AutoBookings

Recurring member bookings using AutoBook

Quoox‘s AutoBook feature is found on the Membership tab of the member record.

AutoBook provides a simple way of creating recurring bookings for a given member.  This is perfect for scenarios where the member typically attends the same sessions every week, such as for 1:1 personal training.  It is also a way of providing your VIP customers a little extra love, as it provides a method for pre-booking members onto a session before the spaces are all taken.

Extended AutoBook functionality

The Concept

AutoBook is essentially a session matching feature.  You define the criteria for which you would like a member to be auto-booked.  When Quoox creates sessions based upon your schedule, it performs a check for matching AutoBook records and automatically books those members onto the session.

One common expectation is that Quoox will also create the session record, which it does not. This is deliberate.

The manner in which Quoox operates means that you are able to auto-book multiple members onto the same session.  If AutoBook created the session, this wouldn’t work.  It also means that, if you have a period of closure or do not schedule a given session, it doesn’t suddenly get created against your will.

A few details

When setting up an AutoBook record, you select the session type; day-of-week and time; and venue.  You can now also specify a venue area, which is particularly useful if you have several concurrent sessions of the same type at the same venue (as might occur with Zoom or MZ-Remote sessions).

You can set start and end dates for the auto-booking process, which makes it easy to handle when a member is heading off on holiday etc.

Payment can be made using credits, card or another method.  If the member does not have sufficient credits, or if payment fails, an alert is raised.

When you first create an AutoBook record for a member, upon saving it will attempt to book that member upon all matching sessions that are presently scheduled.  You should therefore ensure that the member has sufficient credits to cover your “bookable period”.

Bookings created by AutoBook are clearly marked in the booking record as having been created by the AutoBook process.  By default, the member will be sent the usual booking confirmation email, but you may opt to turn this off on a per-use basis.

Quoox AutoBook is another feature that enables you to provide a higher level of service to your members. It can also be helpful in ensuring member retention, as the member’s next session is always lined-up in advance.