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Delivering “Blended” Sessions

With the hope of gyms re-opening in July comes the time for facility owners to make some tough decisions, and one of those is what to do about their Zoom sessions.

Many coaches are “over Zoom” and just want to go go back to in-person sessions, and I understand that.  By nature, trainers are “people” people! They are gregarious and love working with their clients face to face. Zoom has provided a means to carry on training their tribe, but they just want to get back to what they do best – standing in front of their customers guiding them to be their best.

Customer Focused

As a gym software system, Quoox remains focused on what makes our customers businesses better. As a facility owner, you have to think about what makes your member’s experience better.

The problem is, not all of your customers will be ready to return to the gym; they may be shielding, or just not ready yet. Others may have enjoyed your Zoom sessions to the point they want to carry on with them, and some may like a bit of both.

Just as many of those who have not had to travel to work have found they can effectively deliver their professional services from their home office, so some have found a home Zoom session actually works for them, and don’t feel the need to come to the gym.


“But we have a range of equipment; rowers, sleds, punchbags, different weight dumbbells, that they haven’t got at home! It is nowhere near as good as coming to us.”

Agreed. But if your customer wants to workout with you from their home, how are you going to give them what they want?

You can, of course, tell them to go elsewhere, and they may, or you can actually be in two places at once, and offer blended sessions.

Many industry leaders believe this to be the best way forward, with some such as Dave Wright of Myzone, speaking publicly about how this should be offered.

The Quoox Solution

For customers of Quoox, our gym management software enables you to offer the following:

  • Schedule two sessions in parallel E.g 19:00 Small Group and 19:00 Zoom.
  • Set the options such as session capacity; E.g 4 person Small Group; 20 online.
  • Other Options: send the workout to your online participants in advance via social share, documents or XRcize, so they have the plan, know what they may need to get ready, or any other details.

Hey Presto! You really can be in two places at once.

You may want to charge a different rate for those actually in your gym and those in your virtual gym. You may want to schedule the session as 30-min for online and 45 for in-person. All these differences are easily configured in the Quoox dashboard.

What is Quoox?

Quoox is next-generation, industry disrupting software designed for the management of gyms and fitness studios.

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Now is the time to act, be different, and offer your members more…

Quoox provides you one platform to deliver superior live sessions (via Zoom and MZ-Remote); on-demand multi-level video sessions; and in-person training. Pivot your business model to reflect the situation as it presents itself to you – with you being the one in control!

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