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One-click Myzone accounts from Quoox

Proud Myzone PartnerSince its first launch, Quoox has enabled members to access their Myzone Moves data (alongside that of other devices, such as Fitbit) from the convenience of the mobile app.

We then followed this up by being the first member and facility management software to offer seamless integration with MZ-Remote, enabling rich, immersive online sessions to be created with no effort.

Building further on this, Quoox now provides an extremely quick-and-easy way for creating accounts in Myzone, helping further streamline belt sales, and the member on-boarding process.

We understand that many of our customers operate in different ways.  At Quoox it is our aim to provide tools that can help streamline the operation of a gym business, but not be prescriptive in the manner in which they are used.

Our MZ-Create function provides the ability for a Myzone account to not only be created for members, but for leads too.  Many facilities provide “trial belts” as part of an trial session.  This can be a very successful way of not only encouraging sign-up, but achieving a belt sale too.

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Launched from either the member or lead record, the MZ-Create dialog quickly gathers the key data necessary to create a Myzone account.  Where data is known, as is often the case, the fields are already pre-filled.

The provision of height and weight, whilst optional, helps ensure accurate and meaningful Myzone statistics. A belt ID of 0 (zero) may be used where the belt ID is unknown, and then completed later by the member via the Myzone mobile app.

Having gathered any missing information from the member/lead, the Myzone account is created with a single click.  Any additional information gathered is added into the member/lead record.

Having successfully persuaded a lead to sign-up, the single-click “Convert to Member” function within Quoox also migrates the Myzone belt and account information to the new member record.

It is as easy-as-that, and one of the many ways that Quoox is designed to help you save time and effort – enabling you to concentrate on running your business!

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