It’s time to shine!

There is no doubt that the last few months have been extremely trying for gym and facility owners across the world.  In Britain, gyms and fitness studios are finally able to re-open on 25 July – despite it being in a slightly limited form.

Since lockdown on 21 March, facility owners; personal trainers; and coaches have shown great ingenuity and resilience.  The pivot to online sessions was almost instant, and supplemented the on-demand video sessions offered by some.

Now that facilities are set to re-open, gym attendees may finally get to grasp just how hard facility owners have been working during lockdown.  Whilst a few have stuck to their “it’ll be fine, and we’ll re-open as before guns”, the majority have taken the opportunity to pro-actively re-evaluate their business. Many have re-decorated; undertaken deep-cleans; updated equipment; and implemented new systems.

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It is now that those efforts will come into the light and have their time to shine!

During the last few months, Quoox has been delighted to welcome a wealth of new customers.  To date, these facilities have been predominantly restricted to using the system to manage and deliver their communications; online sessions; on-demand sessions; memberships and payments; and lead attraction/campaigns. Whilst that remains more than some systems provide in their entirety, it is now that Quoox comes into its own…

With over 150 features, it would be quite some feat to jump on them all in one go. So, let’s focus on a few from each of the different areas of Quoox, and that immediately set you apart from your competition.

COVID-19 Compliance, Health & Safety

Quoox features several COVID-19 specific features to help aid your compliance with government guidelines.

Attendance Recording, with temperature checks
The roll-call feature has been enhanced such that your coaches confirm that the facility has been cleaned to the required standard prior to session. This automatically updates the cleaning log (see below).

With self check-in being a poor health & safety choice right now, our coach led roll-call provides the facility with the option for not only marking attendance (as we have done forever), but now also to record the temperature of attendees and to add any COVID-19 related notes against their record.

Temperature checking is not a stipulated government requirement, but is a sensible step being taken by many facilities for minimising risk.  If someone’s temperature is outside the normal range, consideration should be taken as to whether that person should attend the session.

Cleaning Logs, and To-Do tasks
It is important to keep a record that cleaning has been completed. To-do tasks can be used to schedule particular tasks for employees. The Cleaning Log is a smarter replacement to the cleaning spreadsheets that your competitors will now be wrestling with.  Does this world actually need any more spreadsheets?!

Staff communication

It is more important than ever during these fluid times that staff communication is effective. Quoox comprises a number of tools to aid with this.

Notice board
Use the staff notice board to share messages with all of your team, or those in a given venue.  These could be notices advising them of procedures, or information pertaining to a particular member.

Document library
Don’t forget, the document library isn’t just for members. You can use the library to share procedure and other documents with your coaches and support staff.

Reminders and assignments
Use the reminder and assignments functions to assign tasks to your staff. These might be a particular message that needs responding to; an administration task; or pretty much anything.

Shifts and Clock-In
Use the shift manager to ensure your staff know when they are on shift, and where. The GPS clock-in via the Quoox mobile app helps encourage staff to arrive on time, and to be prepared for their shift and sessions.

Member retention & management

There are so many member retention and management functions within Quoox that it would be ridiculous to try and cover them all here.  So, let’s pick those top few that will likely have the biggest impact:

Hopefully you are already encouraging your members to communicate with you via the Quoox email and SMS.  This ensures that all of your messages come into one central place (the Quoox Message Centre) for swift & easy review and reply.  Messages are logged against the appropriate member by way of an audit trail, and you can allocate messages to be dealt with my individual or groups of staff.

Ensure that your staff are in the habit of sharing and recording pertinent information. For example, if a member emails in advising they have tested COVID positive, this must be recorded; and your internal policies followed for disseminating this information.

Medical Record
Many facilities are taking the opportunity to update their PAR-Q’s. This can be done in Quoox by sharing the PAR-Q document via the mobile app, and then having the member return it – either by upload, by email, or in person.

The PAR-Q should not just be a form sat in a filing cabinet. Review the PAR-Q upon return and update the member medical record accordingly. This information is then available to all coaching staff via the roll-call feature.

Myzone and Insights
Encourage your members to link their Myzone belt to the Quoox mobile app. The same for Fitbit, if they have one.

This linkage brings their Myzone Move data into the mobile app, for them to see. It also makes it available to coaches via the member record.

Myzone is a fantastic motivational tool.  It is now possible to create a Myzone record from within Quoox, saving further time and effort.  Furthermore, if you use a Myzone linked scale (such as InBody), their member’s weigh-in stats will also populate into the system automatically.

Personal bests and Achievements
Everyone loves to see progress, and that their coaching staff care about and notice their progress.  Make a point of recording a member’s PB’s in their member record.  These are, in turn, shared with the member via the mobile app.

Drop-offs and XRcize on-demand
Keep an eye on member drop-offs via the dashboard widget. One great way to get members back in is to send them a home workout via the XRcize on-demand session functionality. This shows them that you care about their well-being, and often encourages them back into-the-fold.

AutoBookings are a great way to pre-book members who attend the same sessions on a recurring basis. This works particularly well for 1:1 PT sessions.

If you have AutoBooked a member you pretty much know that they’re going to turn up again next time, before they’ve even left their previous session. It is a great tool for overcoming member inertia.

The Buddies feature in the mobile app is far from a gimmick.  Studies show that members who train together and experience the “community feel” at their facility are more likely to keep training.

Buddies provides a simple way of gym attendees “buddying-up” with each other (without having to share personal contact details), and to be able to see each others sessions – and to book on together.

Value-add collateral
Most facilities have their own collateral, such as diet plans etc., that are easily shared via the Quoox library and the mobile app.  This makes it incredibly easy for members to access their documents. Moreover, Quoox provides some starter recipes you can share with your members for free, all branded with your logo etc.

Member attraction

During lockdown many of our customers have been setting up (and in some cases, running) member attraction campaigns using the Quoox campaigns and lead generation functions.

Our campaigns work to deliver several goals, whether it be a trial session (paid or free), or a complete no-touch membership sign-up.  Furthermore, due to the unique situation many facilities find themselves, we have extended the campaign functionality such that existing members may also sign-up for a new membership. This is extremely handy for when transitioning members from an online to an in-person (or ideally hybrid) membership.

Stand out from the crowd

Use Quoox to help your facility stand above your competitors.  Chances are that your personal service is better than theirs and now, with Quoox in your corner you can concentrate on spending more time on what you do best!

If you are yet to come into the Quoox fold, and are currently still battling legacy systems cobbled together with 3rd party plug-ins, it is never too late to join the revolution!  We are here to help facilities with a smooth on-boarding, and we are currently offering a free 2-3hr dedicated on-boarding session for all new sign-ups (worth £299).

At Quoox we are thrilled that the majority of our customers are now in a position to re-open, and we look forward to those in the remaining few territories being able to join them. We are here to help in any way that we can.

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