Nurturing Your Members Upon Re-Opening


With the return to in-person sessions will come a lot of aching members!

Zoom has been great, but many of your members will now experience training in the best way – with you stood in front of them probably making them lift heavier and do “….one more rep!”.

As a result they are going to experience DOM’s like the first time….well, almost as bad!

What can you do? Create an XRcize session to help them ease their aches and pains.

The Concept

  • Record a sequence of foam rolling exercise and/or stretches as individual videos, or a single complete “roll along with me” style session video.
  • Upload this into your library.
  • Create the session.
  • Maybe add an introduction video of you telling your members how this will help them and that DOM’s are to be expected at a level they may not of experienced for a while.
  • Make this available to All Members, or specific groups of members or individuals.

Remind your members that you are the best and are looking after them, and clearly position your facility as the best around with Quoox.