Member retention features

Enticing Your Members Back


Here at Quoox Gym Management Software, we believe it to be a pretty safe bet that you have a mixed membership at your facility.

Naturally this means you have a mixed response to your re-opening. Some members cannot wait to get back in, and others are perhaps a little more reluctant.

We thought we would provide a Quoox Quik Tip to help you win over those feeling a little nervous.

The Concept

Remind your members what they are missing, whilst at the same time showing them how safe, clean and professional you are.

  • Schedule your in-person session as normal
  • Alongside that schedule a LIVE Zoom session

Whilst those who book the LIVE session will not be able to do everything those at your facility can (which is a good thing, right?), the camera will also show your distancing, your professional approach, and hopefully bring about a little nostalgia…..

It’s a busy week for those in England this week as they are re-opening their facilities, so we will keep it brief and wish them all good luck!

Try this, we promise it will bring about some of your more reluctant members returning to you.