Announcing the Quoox July Goodie Bag

July 2020 Goodie Bag Release!

Monday, 27th July 2020 – London – Fitness industry software specialists Quoox today announced the latest update to their market disrupting Gym and Studio Management Solution.

The “July Goodie Bag release”, will become available from 30 July. In line with the Quoox company principles, every customer will receive all new features and updates all included within their existing subscription package.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences Thursday 30 July
iOS App: Roll-out commences Friday 31 July*, ver. 1.6.x
Android App: Roll-out commences Friday 31 July*, ver. 1.6.x
* Subject to Google Play and App Store review/approval times.

The July Goodie Bag release brings with it two major new features, along with a host of other updates and enhancements. This release forms part of the company’s monthly-update stream, with further major new innovations soon to be announced.

Quoox was conceived with a firm eye on the future of the fitness industry.

Everything we do starts from a re-evaluation of the needs of the modern personal training gym. It is then that our team innovate...

Ben Brand
Co-Founder, Quoox
Nurturing Programs

Watch video Nurturing is an absolute essential of any modern personal training facility.

Any facility that cares about their members will have a nurturing program of some sort in place. However, these days, such programs have often fallen back to mundane automated email and text sequences, delivered by extraneous products or bolt-ons.

Long gone are the days when a facility could wow their client simply with their coaching prowess. These days members are looking for more. They are looking for a complete, holistic well-being product. This is amplified even further as we come out blinking in to the post-lockdown world, and member anxieties are further heightened.

Quoox‘s modern take on effective nurturing enables you to take your nurturing programs to a whole new level – elevating you above your competitors, who are likely trotting-out the same old tired program.

Now, with Quoox, your Nurturing Programs are limited only by your imagination. Our automated and semi-automated program features enable you to go well beyond emails and text messages, delivering a much richer product – but with the efficiency and scalability provided by the Quoox system.

Nurturing Programs may be assigned to members or leads.  You may define and assign as many different programs as you wish.  Why should member nurturing be limited to just the first 30-days?

With the fully centralised program flow available only in a comprehensive management solution such as Quoox, up-selling and cross-selling becomes a natural part of your program life-cycle.  The member/lead is nurtured and cared for every step of the way, and Quoox operates in harmony with your business ethos.

Check out our Re-Imagining the 30-day Sequence video, and learn how to get started with Nurturing Programs.

Member Documents and Status Checks

Watch video With there being an ever-increasing number of document and status checks to perform for each member (especially due to COVID-19), staying on top of compliance can be a real challenge.

Different facilities operate in different ways, and Quoox always strives to allow owners to operate their business the way that they wish.

Member Documents and Status Checks is a new feature that arrives as part of the July Goodie Bag release.  It provides a convenient, effective method of staying on top of member documents and compliance checks, without being overly prescriptive. You stay in control of your processes, and how you wish to operate.

Check out the feature video and learn how to configure your status checks.

Document Folders and Hierarchy, with filter

Watch video The ability to deliver documents of numerous types to members via the Quoox mobile app is one of the most popular features with our customers.

As of version 1.6.x of the mobile app, the documentation functionality has been extended further. Now, the document structure you have configured within your document library in Quoox is mirrored to the member’s app.

“Personal documents” are now presented as the first folder listed, and “Invoices” is now a sub-folder of personal documents.

An additional text filter has been added to the documents function, to aid members in finding a particular document. This filter will find matching document(s) in whichever folder it exists.

Enhanced Schedule Filtering

Watch video Version 1.6.x of the Quoox mobile app brings a new vision to the schedule view, with significantly enhanced filtering abilities.

The previous “default venue” and session type selector bar have been replaced with a richer, more flexible filter function.  Members are now able to filter by Venue; Event Name; Event Type; Tags; Payment Method; Membership requirements; Availability; and Lead coach. These filters may also be combined.

By default, the member’s filter will be set to sessions for their preferred venue (as set against their member record).

Important note: Online sessions are now shown only when the online venue is selected. You may wish to advise your members of this change, so that they do not wonder where all of your online sessions have gone!

XRcize Session Filter

XRcize Session filterWith Quoox‘s XRcize video-on-demand functions being used for an ever-broader range of uses, including cooking demonstrations; mediation sequences etc., version 1.6.x of the mobile app introduces a new text-based filter into the session listing.

Members are able to refine their search results by entering matching text, and clicking on the filter funnel.

By way of potentially inspiring some ideas, we are aware of our customers using the XRcize functions for:

  • Full on-demand XRcize training sequences
  • Pre-recorded full-length sessions
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Videocasts
  • Meditation sessions
  • Motivational pieces-to-camera
  • if you can video it, you can share it…!
Session availability indicators

Session availability indicatorsAs can be seen in the Enhanced Schedule Filtering video, we have added the option to display availability counts against sessions displayed in the session schedule.

We know that not all of our customers might wish to display such counts, so whilst it is turned on by default, we have made this a configurable option.

You may select whether you wish to display attendance counts in the app, by setting the Show booking counts in app option in the main Quoox Settings page.

Reminder: It may take 15-20 minutes for your setting change to propagate through the Quoox network.

Current credit summary breakdown

Watch video The last few versions of the Quoox app have enabled members to view their credit count by clicking on the “swag” icon on the app home page.

With many of our customers now issuing credits in a more sophisticated manner, we have now extended this function such that members can see a full breakdown of all of their current available credits.

For ease of explanation to members, we have termed “grace credits” as “future credits” in the mobile app. They remain “grace credits” within the Quoox portal, as this is a more accurate representation of their usage and purpose.

Myzone belt purchase

Myzone belt linkFor most modern personal training gyms, Myzone® is an integral part of the training regime. It is a highly motivational tool, plus it provides another handy potential revenue stream or value-add opportunity with your members.

As you will have seen in our Re-Imagining the 30-Day Nurture Sequence video there are numerous ways to make a Myzone® belt sale a non-pressured part of the induction and nurturing process.  This process is now simplified further with the addition of an optional link to the Myzone Store within the Quoox mobile app.

Within Quoox you configure your Myzone voucher code, and the link is added to the My Devices section within the app.

For members following the link to the Myzone Store (opened in their default/preferred browser), the voucher code will be automatically set.  The member then purchases the belt, and it is fulfilled directly by Myzone – shipped direct to the member’s property. The belt is already configured with your facility code.

Upon arrival, you simply encourage the member to link it to their Quoox app. This is easily encouraged via a nurture program.  Once linked, both you and the member have the benefit of seeing their stats in Quoox. These metrics can then be used to further encourage and nurture the member.

Families amendments

With the aim of maximising inclusivity, we have renamed several aspects of the Families feature.

Rather than using the terminology “parent/caregiver” and “child/dependant”, we have simplified to “payer” and “payee”.  This is updated in both the portal and the app, and reflects the many different types of family group that are served by the families functionality.

End date on Session Schedule

As we emerge from lockdown, many facilities are trying out different types of session to see what works, and what doesn’t.

To better facilitate this “trial” approach, we have added an optional end-date onto the session schedule. Therefore you can easily set sessions to be scheduled between a given set of dates.

Messaging and Scheduled Broadcast enhancement

Since the first release it has been possible to message members based upon individuals; system groups (such as “all members”); and facility-configured groups. The same applied for scheduled broadcasts.

The selection criteria for messaging and broadcast configuration has now been extended further such that you may also select one or more membership types. This selection will include all members that have the membership active on their member record.

As a further (minor) revision, the messaging functionality will now de-dupe the same member included multiple times in the same mail-out. This helps reduce user error and duplication arising from the member appearing on multiple lists/memberships.

Remember: When messaging through Quoox to your members, you are permitted as you have an established business relationship with that member.  The messaging is a critical tool for your business, and you should take care to limit promotional messages – ideally using a separate list.

Additional membership cancellation option

An additional membership cancellation option has been added to the membership listing on the member’s membership tab.  The cancel button is now a drop-down with the options Cancel at renewal and Cancel immediately.

Cancel at renewal will terminate the member’s membership at the next payment. They are able to continue using the membership and the privileges it brings up until that point.

This new method is particularly handy when you are up-selling a membership, as it allows for a smoother transition between the two – further supported by the ability to apply layered memberships within Quoox.

Member archiving/un-archiving enhancements

Whilst member archiving was introduced as record-keeping compliant method of deleting a member, the landscape has changed. Now many more facilities are in the pleasing position of welcoming members back into the fold, and thus needing to resurrect their previous records.

An un-archive option has been added to the member listing, enabling facilities to easily recover a previously archived member record.

Furthermore, when archiving a record, further automated steps have now been added to ensure that all memberships; nurturing programs; and other content delivery systems are suspended at the point of archiving.  These would need to be reinstated manually in the event of unarchiving a record.

My FitFile styling options

My FitFile brandingWhilst we strive to keep the imagery we use within Quoox relatively generic, we appreciate that not all facilities wish to use the imagery presented within My FitFile.

From version 1.6.x of the app, facilities have the choice whether to display the Quoox photographs in My FitFile, or whether to use simple coloured tiles (branded in your chosen colour).

The option to configure the My FitFile screen can be found in SettingsBrandingFitFile Style within the Quoox portal.

Please note that it may take 15-20 minutes for the change to be reflected in the member app, as the settings propagate the Quoox network.

BMI display option

BMI can be a contentious measurement in the fitness industry.

An option has been included whereby BMI can be excluded from display within the Member app. This setting can be found in the portal Settings page, within Units, and the setting Display Body Mass Index (BMI) in app.

Please note that the change may take 15-20 minutes to propagate the Quoox network.

Zoom Waiting Room option

By default, Quoox creates Zoom meetings with the waiting room disabled. This was implemented shortly after the first release of the Quoox Zoom functionality, following customer feedback.

The implementation of the Zoom waiting room is now a configurable option. This can be set in the portal Settings, in the Default Session Settings section, with the option Enable Zoom waiting room.  By default, the waiting room will be disabled.

Please note that Quoox sets this setting in Zoom at the point the Zoom meeting is created. Changing this setting will therefore only apply to Zoom meetings that have not yet been created.

Additional branding in Quoox Campaigns

Campaign BrandingThe application of branding to the hosted Quoox campaigns has been extended further to apply branding to the registration forms.

The campaign styling colours are derived from the Link colour and Primary colour options found within the Primary branding colours section of the SettingsBranding page within the Quoox portal. These changes will automatically be applied to all live campaigns at the time of the July Goodie Bag release.

Additional Campaign type & custom confirmation page

Having seen how our customers use our campaigns, and listened to feedback, we have added a new campaign type – “Lead Capture”.  This campaign simply captures lead information and, then, sends out optional post-registration reach-outs. This campaign type is perfect for if you just want to encourage registration for an eBook, or similar.

Additionally in this release, an option has been provided whereby you may optionally provide the URL to which the lead is taken upon completion of the campaign process flow.  For example, this could be a “thank you” page hosted on your own website from which you then provide further information.

As part of this update, the former “Lead Generation” types have been renamed as “Appointment Promotion”. This is to attempt to more clearly distinguish the different types of lead campaign, and also paves the way for the addition of more in the future.

Miscellaneous changes

At Quoox we release bug fixes on a regular basis, typically with a few days of an issue becoming known.

This release sees the update and patching of all 3rd party products and libraries upon which Quoox is built. In alignment with Google’s requirements as of 1st August 2020, the target version of the Android app has been updated to level 10 (“Q”). The app should still work with most (reasonably) recent Android devices used by members.

Proud Myzone Partner

Thank you!

We hope that you like the new features and updates in this July Goodie Bag release and that, more importantly, that at least a few are of help to you in operating your business in a smooth and efficient manner.

If you require help or assistance with any of these features, please either raise a support ticket, or book a consultation with one of our team.

Our next major feature is already nearing completion, and we look forward to telling you more about that in the coming weeks.

Thank you for choosing Quoox.

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