Re-imagining the 30-day gym nurture sequence

Re-imagining the 30-day member nurture sequence

Gyms can be intimidating places. To many, they often still conjure the image of high-testosterone, big-ego men comparing the size of their pecs.

As facility owners and managers, it easy for us to forget the anxieties felt by many when they first attend a new gym. They walk in and see healthy looking people, but we know that’s not how most started when they first joined!

Most gym owners are still caught in the past. [For them] it's all about training. "Training separates me. I'm the best trainer in the area." EVERYBODY is the best trainer now!

The client has moved pass your skill set as a trainer. The client is looking at you as "I want more..." We need to look at the client as a total holistic product.

The gym owners that are still in business next year, will be the best, the brightest... the best gym owners in the world, because they've survived the toughest task in the world.

Thomas Plummer
Fitness Industry Legend

ALL of your members are emerging from a post-COVID lockdown. This is a situation never previously experienced in our lifetimes. It brings with it a whole new set of anxieties and concerns. Is the gym clean? How do they keep me safe? What steps and procedures are in place? Are social distancing and number limitations being observed?

Many new members will have come from the big box chains, where they perhaps didn’t have a great experience. Chances are that they received little in the way of personal attention and, after a brief tour, were likely left to fend for themselves.

Some members may come with no experience of a training environment at all.  They only have what they imagine in their heads; what they see on TV (it’s always Rocky!); and what their friends have told them.

As boutique and small group personal training facilities we base our entire business around delivering a higher level of service. We talk-the-talk and it’s essential that we walk-the-same-walk. These people want to see why we charge $$$ versus the $ “pile-em-high, hose-em-down” chain gyms.

You know that your service is great. You know that you’re a superb trainer, and that you have a great team.  There is little doubt that when you get the member in for their trial session or tour that you will blow them away. But this is not 2010…

Being a good trainer is not enough. Gym members today are looking for more.

Now you’ve got them to sign-up for a 30-day trial, the clock has started ticking.  The client will now be assessing you; your team; your facilities; how you make them feel; and all to determine whether they wish to sign up for the recurring membership and commitment at the end of the 30-days.

Post-COVID, there are even more compliance hoops you have to go through when inducting a new member. It is not realistic (or fair) to dump everything on a client in one go, and expect them to absorb it. Chances are they they will just feel overwhelmed and completely out of their comfort zone.

Furthermore, in the current climate, it is important that your members are familiar with the breadth and effectiveness of your hybrid offering.  This familiarity will facilitate the ability to make a swift pivot should your facility once again find itself subject to lockdown.

The 30-day member nurture sequence

For decades, savvy industry thought-leaders (such as Thomas Plummer) have advocated and championed the importance of the member nurture program, and how a member’s need stretch well beyond the training they receive in the couple of hours per week that they spend at your facility.  The modern personal training gym is all about a 360° holistic approach, and a complete trust relationship between the client and their gym.

A nurture program, typically 30-days, enables you to guide the member through your processes one step at-a-time.  You gently indoctrinate them into your mindset; methodologies; and welcome them warmly into your community – providing them support and care throughout.

In the early days, this would involve keeping notes in a diary, reminding you to call the new member and check in.  As technology evolved, this nurturing process evolved with it.  With luck, for most, it still involves the phone call and personal reach-out elements.  But, for many, it has been replaced with a less personal automated approach – “bung them on the email/SMS sequence, and away we go…”

How does this match up with what you sell? Yes, automation and technology are a critical part of business scalability, but should not be at the sacrifice of quality of service.  Also, with many gyms trotting out pretty much the same 30-day program, what is it that makes you unique?  It sure isn’t that you use the same nurture sequence as several hundred other facilities!

What does an effective member nurturing program look like in 2020?

Your gym software should not only work with you, but should be in harmony with your business goals.  It should supplement and support your ethos, not replace it with an impersonal, regimented set of actions.

Designed from the ground up for the modern personal training gym/studio, Quoox was developed on the premise of re-thinking every element of gym software and aligning it with the future of the fitness industry. As part of this, we are delighted to announce the release of nurturing programs within Quoox, elevating your facility above-and-beyond that of your competitors.

Check out our Re-Imagining the 30-day Sequence introductory video:

Quoox is designed to help your business deliver the total well-being, “holistic” approach that your members demand.

One of the biggest factors that will determine the success of a trial membership is trust. Does the member trust you and your team to do what is best for them? In the trial period, have you delivered the approach and ethos that you sold them during the induction session?

The nurturing functions built into Quoox enable you to do just that, and go well beyond those of a typical email/nurture sequence.

How you employ these tools is limited only by your imagination. The raw elements comprise:

Automated Email and SMS messaging

In this, the second decade of the 21st century, automated email and SMS texting is something that every gym worth one’s salt does.  It’s not rocket surgery!

An automated email/SMS sequence is a great way of getting nurturing messages to your clients. But what about the replies – the all-important feedback cycle?

With Quoox, all member messages (text or email) come into the central message centre. They are also linked to a member record. A full audit trail is available, and the in-built processes ensure that there is never any reason for a member message to go unread or un-responded.

Automated document allocation

The nurturing processes in Quoox enable you to drop documents or files into the member’s app on the schedule you determine.

For example:

  • Day-3, drop an eBook into the member’s app focusing on the work/life balance.
  • Day-17, give the member a surprise cheat day, and drop a delicious (but healthy) dessert recipe into their app.
    Maybe even send the video of how to make it (see below).
Automated XRcize/on-demand videos

Schedule automated on-demand videos to drop into the Quoox member app.  The options here are enormous, and limited only by your imagination.

For example:

  • Day-5, drop a 20-minute lunchtime restoration session into the app.
    Encourage the client to get up from their desk and lunchtime, and work through the “office friendly” restoration techniques you send them.
  • Day-9, send a meditation session across to the member.
    You are striving to deliver a full 360° wellness program, it’s not all about breaking a sweat!
  • Day-17, send a video corresponding to the dessert recipe to show them how to make it correctly.
Automated credit allocation

So, your client’s working through their 30-day small group training trial.  Why not drop them a surprise credit for a  free 30-minute 1:1 PT session?  Quoox automatically allocates them the credit, and they can use it against any of the sessions you deem valid.

This is a great way to get people into your less busy slots, and often leads to an up-sell.  They were going for small group, now you’ve got them on board for 1:1!

Automated reminders

Personal contact remains a key element of nurturing.  We’d love for Quoox to be able to pick up the phone and show your members some love, but only you can do that. Quoox can, however, remind you (or your team) to do this.

As part of the automated nurturing sequence you can setup member-related tasks & reminders for pretty much anything you like.  This might be to review their attendance; Myzone and InBody stats; and to give them a call to check in with them.  It might be to give them a call to invite them along to a gym social, conveniently occurring during the last week of the trial.

The options are endless. Set reminders for any event that you cannot automate, and ensure they never get forgotten.  Track that the action was undertaken, and say goodbye to Google Calendar and another stack of spreadsheets!

Going beyond…

Whilst we’ve been talking about a 30-day nurture program by way of an example, in Quoox you can define as many different nurture programs as you wish – for as many different uses as you desire.

Your regular members still need love. Whilst the first 30-days are critical, why should everything grind to a halt after that? Keep it going.

Use the full breadth of Quoox to help you look after your clients. Set accountability with Weigh-Ins. Motivate with Myzone, Fitbit & Insights. Reward and celebrate with Personal Bests. Build community with Buddies. Demonstrate progress with BodyHop. Deliver interest through Documents. Inspire and cultivate with XRcize and on-demand videos. Energise confidence with COVID-19 temperature checking and contact trace recording. Disseminate knowledge with Roll-Call.  Promote heath & safety with cleaning compliance logging.

Success through innovation

The modern day client demands a full holistic approach to their well-being.

Why are you not requiring the same from your business management software?

Quoox can deliver because of it’s centralised, ground-up approach.  Our ethos is one of continued innovation and evolution.  We were not conceived to “be the same” in a crowded software market.  We were created to bring disruption with new thinking, introducing successful approaches from other industries into the enlightened, modern fitness sector.

Quoox is empowering a new level of facility in the fitness market.

What can Quoox do for you?

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