August Appetizer release featuring Fitflix

August Appetiser, introducing Fitflix!

Thursday, 6th August 2020 – London – Less than a week after their “July 2020 Goodie Bag” release, fitness industry software specialists Quoox today announced a surprise ‘bonus’ update to their gym management solution.

Billed the “August 2020 Appetiser” release, this update brings one major new feature, plus several useful updates and enhancements.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out starts Friday 7 August
iOS App: Roll-out starts Saturday 8 August*, ver. 1.6.4
Android App: Roll-out starts Ssturday 8 August*, ver. 1.6.4
* Subject to Google Play and App Store review/approval times.

This release is the first of multiple releases scheduled for August and early September.  A further interim release is expected in the next couple of weeks, with a major new function becoming available at the end of August/start of September.

In addition to the regular maintenance and service patches, the new functions and noteworthy enhancements/updates contained within this release comprise:

These days members demand a 24 x 7 wellness solution. Having their own in-app video on-demand channel will enable our clients to take their member nurturing and customer service to another level.

Ben Brand
Co-Founder, Quoox
Introducing Fitflix – your own on-demand video channel within Quoox

Watch video Now, perhaps more than ever, members are demanding more from their training gyms.  It is no longer about the quality of coaching, or the amount of time that the member spends at your facility, but about the full 24×7 wellness solution.

Fitflix is the latest innovation from Quoox, and provides your facility with your own video on-demand wellness channel – all within the Quoox member app.

Fitflix sits within My FitFile in the mobile app, in the slot previously occupied by XRcize.  XRcize is now a sub-section within Fitflix – keeping all of your on-demand features in one convenient place.

Rather than having to point your members to a vague YouTube channel, you can now determine which members are sent what content directly to their appFitFlix makes it easy to upload simple video updates, such as “Events this coming August”.  Supporting a custom folder structure, you can make your videos easy to find, keeping your meditation videos separate from your cooking demonstrations.

Furthermore, FitFlix has also been built into Quoox‘s nurturing functionality, enabling you to roll-out FitFlix videos to your members as part of a tailored nurturing program.  The video content can be whatever you want, and is limited only by your imagination.  How about uploading personalised video check-ins with your new members?

Content can be uploaded from your computer or device, or imported from YouTube or Vimeo.  The videos are placed on Quoox‘s video streaming servers, and converted to sizes and formats suitable for different mobile devices.

Take a look at our Fitflix introductory video.

Amending Session Types and Venues in credit packs

By far the highest volume support enquiry that we receive at Quoox surrounds the updating of valid session types or venues against credit packs that have already been issued.

Since first release, Quoox was structured to enable you to easily customise a given member’s credits, or to add ad hoc credits. However, this added a complication when it came to rolling out new session types. This was seldom an issue but, in this post lockdown world, many facilities are experimenting with new session types and needing to retroactively update existing member credits.

To address this requirement, and to solve this unintended headache for our clients, we have implemented a new option into the credit pack configuration screen.  Now, it is possible to have Quoox reflect amended valid session types and venues into already issued credits.

To accommodate this behaviour without taking any functions away, when you manually edit a credit against a member it will now be “unlinked” from the originating credit pack.  This will then enable you to update all existing credit packs without undoing any manual changes you already made.

Read more about this new feature on the support site.

New Session Schedule listing widget

Quoox has always provided the ability for clients to embed their facility schedule into their website via a JSON data feed.  This mechanism provides the client with a SEO friendly way of embedding schedule content.  The downside with this approach is that some coding knowledge is required to correctly implement the session listing, and this can become more complicated in frameworks such as WordPress.

To provide an easier solution to clients who are using a tool such as WordPress, or who perhaps don’t have access to a web developer, we have created an alternate method for embedding session data.  This is a much simpler widget that doesn’t require any coding knowledge, and all formatting and localisation issues are dealt with by Quoox.

The new widget is embedded into the client site using an iFrame. Default styling is taken from the Quoox branding settings, but may be overridden by passing optional configuration parameters.  The number of days to display may also be easily configured, along with whether to show session availability.

Learn about implementing the new widget

Alternative wait list processing method

This release introduces a second (optional) method for wait list processing.  Clients may set their preferred processing methodology in the Quoox settings.

The original wait list processing method emails all members on the wait list advising them that a space has become available.  The first to grab the space is then booked onto it.  This method was chosen, as it ensures that the member is still available, and that they will turn up.

Following requests from some clients, we have now added the more traditional approach as a selectable option. Under this approach, the first person on the wait list will be automatically moved to attending when the space becomes available (assuming they had sufficient credits, or payment was successful). As before, members will be able to remove themselves from the wait list if they cease to be available (or interested in) the session.

Learn more about wait list processing

Returning a lead to a campaign

The “July 2020 Goodie Bag” release introduced a new, simpler, lead capture campaign that simply gathered the lead’s details before (optionally) launching the post-registration reach-out process.  It also provided the ability to bounce leads to a custom thank-you page upon completion of the sign-up.

Provided they enter identical contact details as within their first sign-up, leads can re-register for campaigns without creating duplicates.

A request was made for the ability for leads to be returned to a campaign (or different campaign) once they had completed the basic lead capture and had been bounced to a custom thank-you page.  This release provides a mechanism for this, but is reliant on the target website picking-up and posting back a “token” that securely identifies the lead.

This process is something that should be implemented by a web developer (as opposed to web designer), with instructions being available here.

Increased session data in the session schedule

Increased session data in the session scheduleAs part of a late-breaking addition to the appetiser release, a layout amendment has been made to the portal session schedule.

Previously, session location and lead coach details were revealed by hovering over the icon.  Now, the session row height has been increased to accommodate displaying the location and coach data as part of the session block.  This should make reviewing the schedule easier for those running multiple sessions simultaneously.

Miscellaneous changes

To provide greater clarity, the Quoox Library in the main navigation menu has been renamed Document Library.  This sits alongside the new Fitflix Video Library.

As with every update, this release also includes a few miscellaneous bug fixes and cosmetic fixes.  This includes a workaround to address an iOS bug that caused the app to crash on the My Profile page when running older versions of iOS.


The next interim release, expected mid-late August, will bring some new business performance monitoring tools to Quoox.  Further information on this will be provided closer to the time.

Late August/Early September will see the release of our next new major function.  We are confident that this will be an enormous benefit to all of our customers, enabling them to further streamline their businesses; maximise member engagements; and (in many cases) get rid of yet another bit of software they’re having to use.

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Thank you for your continued custom.

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