A glance over the shoulder of Quoox

A glance over the shoulder…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller, Philosopher

Looking back at the last 6-monthsThose wise words are often overlooked in favour of other philosophers such as Plato; Socrates; Aristotle; Bill; and Ted, but Ferris was no fool.  The last 6-months would not have been amiss in a John Wyndham novel.  Whilst some territories are still in lockdown, fortunately many of our customers are now in a position where they have been able to resume some level of in-person session over the last few weeks.

Quoox was conceived to meet the needs of the modern training gym and fitness facility. The days of getting by with an “it’ll do” system cobbled together with add-on’s, plus a separate stack of Excel spreadsheets to plug the holes are ending.  Members are demanding more from their gyms and, in turn, facility owners deserve more from their management software.

Our ethos is one of delivering effective business solutions through innovation. Everything we do comes from a ground-up review of the needs of our customers, both now and in the future.  They deliver the very best service to their members, and they inspire us to come up with new, exciting ways to address their business needs.

The last 6-months have been intense, to say the least.  When COVID took hold, our development plan went out-the-window, and we refocused on aspects that we believed would help our customers at that time.  Now that the industry is finding its way back to operation (despite COVID), our development schedule has returned to some sense of normality.

With such, it seemed an apt time to take a few moments to glance back at the last 6-months at Quoox, and what this brought.

In the year 2020, time no longer has meaning!

As we started looking through our development log books and release notes collating a list for this blog, it became obvious that time has become fluid.  On one hand, the last 6-months feel like they have gone on f-o-r-e-v-e-r. But, on the other, the happy, heady-days of pre-COVID seem like yesterday.  What was abundantly clear was that, despite home working and lockdown, we added several hundred-thousand extra lines of code to the Quoox Gym Management Solution – resulting in some features that we’re proud to say are helping our clients not only re-open, but to grow their businesses – even in these challenging times. So, what have we been up to?

For those of you who can remember February, we started by adding Buddies to My FitFile in the Quoox mobile app.  Every training gym facility owner is well aware that community is one of the most important elements of member retention.  Buddies provides a method whereby your members can buddy-up with each other, and see when each other are training – without having to share any of their personal contact details.

Hot-on-the-heels of Buddies came Layered Memberships.  This set the foundations for our XRcize programs (see below) and, whilst COVID was barely on our radar whilst this was being written, it proved to be an important feature for our clients during lockdown.  By being able to stack (layer) multiple memberships per member, it gave our clients a wealth of flexibility.  With online and on-demand training now being a permanent element for most facilities, layered memberships made pivoting infinitely simpler.

Our Families feature also arrived in February. This greatly simplified the processes for facilities training children, providing flexible methods for charging and receipt of communications.  Families can see when each other are training, and parents can easily access the mobile accounts of their kids using a single sign-on.

March was a month that will live in infamy. After several months in development we released our multi-level, video on-demand training function XRcize.  This enabled our customers to provide tailored, on-demand fitness programs to their clients, delivered via the Quoox mobile app and our cloud-based video streaming infrastructure.  Within 2-weeks of release, much of the world went into lockdown.  Little did we know how timely XRcize would be, and the critical role it would play during this period.  [Ed: Rumours that we engineered COVID-19 in the Quoox development labs to encourage adoption of XRcize are purely false!]

As a result of the virus, April was a major pivot.  Our primary focus immediately switched to exploring anything that we as a business could do to aid our customers.  We dropped our pricing below cost for the duration of lockdown.  As the world pivoted towards Zoom (who’d heard of them pre-COVID?!), we immediately integrated Quoox with Zoom meetings, making the setup of online sessions a seamless process – whilst doing so in such as way that attendance was auto-logged, and issues of risk of “Zoom bombing” were eliminated.

April also brought several COVID safety features, which are used by many of our customers for compliance.  These included cleaning logstemperature checks and pre-session check recording.  Eliminating the need for a raft of extra spreadsheets, these records provide evidence of compliance (where required), and support contact tracing efforts.

As the world started to come to terms with the “new norm” [Ed: Screams of denial are heard in the distance], May proved to be an exciting month.  Myzone released their awesome MZ-Remote product.  We worked with the Myzone team to integrate Quoox into the MZ-Remote and MZ-Book processes, providing a seamless setup process for those using Zoom and MZ-Remote.  We became a formal Myzone Partner, one of only two CRM providers to have this honour.

It was in June that the industry first started showing signs of “imminent” re-opening.  Updates to our Campaigns features provided methods for our customers to re-onboard their customers in a manner that had never been previously required.  Several campaign extensions were released during June, and we worked with a number of our customers to help them get their campaigns put together and launched.

July brought further integration with Myzone, providing facilities with the ability to create Myzone member records directly from within Quoox, as well as purchase belts from the Myzone store – launched with the appropriate facility code from the Quoox mobile app.  This month also saw the release of the massive July Goodie Bag release.

The Goodie Bag release included a wealth of new functions, including Status Checks providing a flexible mechanism for clients to record and view (at a glance) the status of key member compliance elements, such as COVID-19 Declarations; Waiver forms; etc.  We also significantly updated our member app, bringing new features including a folder structure to aid in the filing of member documents.

Without doubt, the biggest update in July 2020 was our Nurturing Programs.  Every facility owner knows how important member nurturing is.  Our nurturing programs took this to a whole new level, enabling gyms to completely re-think the 30-day nurture sequence, and to bring it into the modern times.  Almost all of our customers are using these sequences to differentiate themselves from the competition during the on-boarding of new clients post-lockdown.

The start of August brought Fitflix, your facility’s own video on-demand wellness channel directly in the Quoox mobile app. Every facility owner will be aware that the modern training gym needs to deliver well beyond the few hours a week that the member is at your facility.  Providing a full wellness product is essential, and Fitflix (along with the many other aspects of the mobile app) greatly aid in this delivery.

Just one week after Fitflix, came our latest release – KPIs and Metrics.  Our entire being is built around providing a solution to support the growth and success of your business.  KPIs and metrics are a massively important element of knowing how your facility is performing.  Again, something historically done on spreadsheets-of-yore, our implementation has been designed to provide insightful data, whilst reducing the errors arising from human error.

And there we are, up-to-date… and we haven’t even mentioned the literally dozens of smaller enhancements and improvements that we have made.

Our next major release has been in development for the last couple of months, and will be due out in September.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our awesome clients for your custom; your support; and your ideas & suggestions.  You inspire us, and it delights us to see your databases grow – as this means your businesses are growing too.

We are excited for you to see what we have coming in the next 6-months… some of the like the industry won’t have ever seen previously.


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