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Every facility owner knows that nurturing is an absolutely essential element of bringing your new members into your community.

Almost all of our customers operate their nurturing programs using Quoox‘s built-in nurturing features, with many taking advantage of the unique opportunities it offers, such as the ability to release in-app videos; on-demand workouts; and even credits – the perfect way to deliver a ‘no-pressure’ up-sell.

Right now, many of our customers are re-building their businesses following the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown.  Even for some of their long-term members this is like starting-over.  Anxieties are high.  People have dropped out of the regular swing-of-things, and many are self-conscious having put on some weight during the enforced stay-at-home period.

Thankfully we can see that, for our clients, many of their members are starting to return – plus they are bringing new clients on-board.  However, all of these people need nurturing – plus those who are aren’t yet feeling comfortable in returning in-person need some extra love.

Quoox‘s nurturing programs help take a lot of the load.  You can setup as many different programs as you wish.  Nurturing isn’t just about new members – everyone needs to be looked after, and made to feel special.

Now, it is even easier to show give your new members attention from the very second they sign-up…

The latest release from Quoox enables facility owners to assign a nurturing program(s) to a membership.  The nurturing program is then auto-assigned to the member at the point that the membership is.

This means that, if you have a member sign-up through a campaign or your website, you can have a nurturing program kick-in before you’re even aware they exist!

Your facility comes out-of-the-gate already ahead-of-the-pack.  Your new members are immediately re-assured that they have made a great choice, and it only continues to get even better from there-on-it as they experience your great quality of services, fully supported by Quoox and the mobile app.

Being a single, central, cohesive system, Quoox is able to deliver in a way that no “CRM with a myriad of bolt-on’s” can.  Our KPIs and Metrics are an example of this, and only possible because of our unified approach.

In line with our ethos of delivering success through innovation, we continue to regularly release updates and new features.  We have some exciting features in the pipeline of the like never previously seen in gym management software, and we look forward to bringing these to you.

We love hearing how Quoox has helped your business.  Your feedback helps make us even stronger.

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