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Making your fitness business scalable, and keeping the Monday 19:00 SGPT happy!

Scalable Business

What does it really mean?

The phrase is bandied about everywhere, but so few fitness businesses owners have a real grasp of what it means to have a scalable business.

To have a scalable business means you have systems and processes in place.

Your business can grow, and handle an influx of new customers without accompanying high increases in operational costs.

Venture Capitalists always look at scalability. Investors look at scalability. Someone looking to buy your business will look at scalability.

Can you scale?

You are a great trainer. Your members/clients appreciate everything you do for them.

You know everything about them.

You know about their families (you probably train some of them!); their job, their plans for the weekend, their holiday, their exercise goals, their likes and dislikes, their injuries and required modifications.

In fact, you are so good that you get referrals, lots of referrals.

Your business is growing, so you take on another trainer.


Jonnie Newcoach doesn’t know what you know.

He hasn’t met these people, been to their weddings, christenings, your Christmas parties.

How does Jonnie get to deliver the standard of session that these people, your loyal members, came to you for.

He needs to:

  • greet people by name
  • ask them about their sore knees
  • explain that today they won’t be doing the kettlebell swings that Sarah will due to their lumbar disc condition.

The Solution – Roll Call

Comprehensive member profilingAt the start of every session Jonnie Newcoach taps the session and initiates Quoox‘s Roll Call.

The full details of each member stood in front of Jonnie are given to him.

This is the Monday 18:00 Small Group PT and they have been training together for 2 years. They go on dog walks together, dinner, come to all of your events and are very loyal to you.

They are waiting to start their session and make a judgement with your replacement.

The session starts like this:

“Jane, nice to meet you. We have some jumps in tonight’s session but I want you to know that you will be going on the bike instead (Jane has arthritic knees and cannot jump).

John, we have some pull-ups scheduled for you tonight (John’s current goal is 10 x body weight pull-ups, detailed in his Roll Call Notes).

Laura, my goal is to make you sweat a little (the running group joke is Laura never sweats).

Mike, can I see you at the end of the session I need to update your card details (an alert was put next to Mike by you to collect these details)”.

Leaving you to focus on the new Trial members you have signed up over the weekend.


And just like that, you have a system in place that means your business can grow.

Long term members feel happy they are being looked after, new members are coming onboard.

You can even take a night off knowing there is consistency in your business. No longer can only you deliver personalised sessions to your loyal members.

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