Nicky Sehgal, FBDA, Fit Biz Coach

Fitness Business Development Academy (FBDA)

The Fitness Business Development Academy‘s mission statement is “to provide you with the business coaching, tools, support and accountability for you to develop a strong and stable business that supports your lifestyle”.  At Quoox we have a number of mutual clients with FBDA, all of whom attest to the quality of service provided by the FBDA team.

FBDA head coach Nicky Sehgal started out as a fitness instructor working for a big box gym way back in 2001. Working for someone else was never going to work him long term so he went solo and started his own PT business. After immersing himself into the business side of fitness he built and eventually sold (for a huge profit) his fully operational PT studio business in 2014.

Since then Nicky has been coaching other health and fitness business owners on how to create and operate a profitable and purposeful business that is built to serve you the owner, your staff and your clients. This is what he calls “The Triple Win Business Scenario”

Nicky created the Fitness Business Development Academy to provide a platform for fitness business owners like you to learn and develop well-needed business skills that are necessary to build and grow any health and fitness business.

Take a look at what some of FBDA’s customers have to say…

James Bramwell

TJ Gym

Athletic Development Club

“You ever see that program where Gordan Ramsey comes into Kitchens and flips it?
That was basically Nicky, he sorts out Gym Nightmares!”