Booking magic

Oh spirits, why can’t my member book?

As well as being a top-notch trainer; accountant; administrator; marketeer; and agony aunt, little did you know that you would also need to become a “master/mistress of the runes” when you opened your own training facility!

How many times a week do you have members say “I’m trying to book [xyz] session, but ‘it’ won’t let me”?

Over 60% of our help desk enquiries are of this nature.  We all know that, almost invariably, it is simply that the member doesn’t have valid credits for the session that they are trying to book.  But, when you have a multi-credit, multi-membership system, this can be a little time-consuming to wade through – just to discover that the member has already used all their eligible credits for the month!

To reduce this headache to the minimum, we have introduced our Session Eligibility Analyser.  Whilst arguably not our most exciting of innovations, this feature will likely be a real time-saver for you and your team.

Documentation on how to use the session analyser [spoiler alert: it’s really easy!] can be found here.

A video showing how easy the check is to use, and demonstrating a few different outcomes, can be seen below.

At Quoox, we very place great value on the feedback we receive from our customers.  By listening to their needs, and applying our own innovations, we are proud to support our clients in operating their facilities effectively, efficiently and (most importantly) profitably.

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