Fitness+ and boutique gyms

What Does Apple Fitness+ Mean To Boutique Gyms?

It can’t be denied, COVID introduced the world to working out at home, and they like it!

Last night saw the latest Apple announcements, including the launch of their new fitness offering, Fitness+, which Apple describe as an “engaging and personalised fitness experience”.

Now, if your facility does not offer any online nor on demand fitness services, some of your members, guaranteed, are paying someone else for theirs.

Health Club Management have topped the hybrid gym model as their #1 trend for 2020, so if you aren’t already, you should seriously be considering some online offering for your members.

How To Compete With The Big Boys

Some of the biggest brands in the world offer online training. Nike, Apple, and the likes of Peloton are not too shabby in this field either!

All of these are brands you and your members have heard of. So what to do?

They have dedicated professionally lit studios, cameras, sound, with celebrities and “top” trainers delivering sessions.

You cannot compete with such set ups, so don’t even try.

Your members came to you, and stay with you, for the personal service you give them. Sure, a LIVE session following Australia’s premier PT might look attractive, but this is really no different to following a DVD, is it?

Only you can’t pause and scroll back if you missed a cue or didn’t understand an action, and you sure can’t ask them to repeat themselves – remember, you would be one of many tuning in around the world. This is not personal, it’s business!!!!

You need to remember the reason your members love what you do, you made it all about them, right?

Make your online sessions about your members

First off:

  • Reduce the participant numbers to a level you can comfortably personalise your delivery to.
  • Be sure to use everyone’s name, ask them about their family, injuries, share a joke, comment (if appropriate) about their surroundings.

The live display for Apple’s offering means some pretty serious investment. If you use Myzone in your facility, then you have access to MZ-Remote. This will give those members with a belt (much more affordable than an Apple Watch) live effort on their screens at home, which you the coach can see and comment on.

If you do not have Myzone, have look into what they do, it could be a game changer for you and your members, both online and in your gym.

As a Myzone partner, Quoox has deep integration with their software and makes creating MZ Remote sessions easy.

Involve Your members

Quoox provides you with Fitflix, your on demand wellness channel. Use this and go maverick!

Within Fitflix is XRcize, your on demand exercise channel. Here you can create your on demand sessions and complete programs.

As you create your XRcize session content, why not shoot some of your members demonstrating the exercises, or even helping to lead a session. You have some members with big personalities, let them do what they like doing and perform to the audience – your members/their tribe.

This is guaranteed to raise a smile, and far more personal and real for them than perfect Jade from Palm Beach bending herself into a pretzel.

Instead, let John (who everyone knows) demonstrate that touching his toes is just not gonna happen today 😂.

Use your community to build your community, and they will be happy to do so.

More Variety

Don’t just offer exercise sessions.

Use Fitflix to provide different content;

  • Cooking Sessions (led by professionals or members)
  • Interviews
  • Updates about your gym
  • Video Casts about interesting topics – hormones, ketosis, etc
  • Joke of the week….

You are only limited by your imagination.

But what you must do is remember who your tribe are, and what they come to you for. People like being a part of something, make sure they are.


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