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Intelligent Forms & Questionnaires

Wednesday, 28th October 2020 – London – Quoox announced today its latest feature for its industry disrupting training gym management solution, available from Friday 30th October onwards.

Intelligent Forms & Questionnaires brings form; questionnaire; and survey functionality into the Quoox app – and is included with every Quoox subscription.  With a full, cohesive solution, Quoox‘s solution provides streamlined methods and processes that will allow those facilities using it to save time and, in all likelihood, money.

Members need to be using version 1.6.6 (or above) of the app to be able to access forms & questionnaires.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Friday 30th October
iOS App: Roll-out starts Friday 30th October
Android App: Roll-out starts Friday 30th October

Introducing Forms and Questionnaires Video

These days, the average facility owner finds themselves waist-deep in forms.  There are membership forms; PAR-Q’s; surveys; check-ins; liability waivers; and, now (thanks to COVID), COVID Liability and Verification forms.

Staying on top of which member has completed, let alone 150-200 “check-in” questionnaires a week can sometimes seem insurmountable, and utterly sole destroying.  Quoox‘s intelligent forms & questionnaires functions will lift yet another weight from the shoulders of many facility owners.

Watch our getting started video to get up-and-running quickly, or read-on to learn more about the product capabilities.

18 flexible question types

The forms and questionnaires function provides support for 18 different question types, giving you a wealth of options for gathering data from your members.

The question types comprise:

  • Narrative
  • Statement Accept
  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Yes/No
  • Multi-choice, Multi-select
  • Multi-choice, Single-select
  • Drop-down
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Whole number
  • Decimal number
  • URL
  • File upload
  • PDF Approval
  • Word Document Approval

The extremely powerful PDF and Word Document approval processes gather a member’s signature to confirm acceptance of the document.  This is then available for review and legal compliance.

The select options (dropdown; multi-select; single-select) offer features such as auto-alert triggers; additional data capture; and logic for jumping to a question – all based upon the answer given.

Membership Forms; Waivers & PAR-Q’s

Issuing and staying on top of mandatory forms such as membership forms; waivers; and PAR-Q’s is now a breeze.  Facilities can auto-issue documents via a number of different methods (see below).  You can gather the information required from the member and then, using a highly flexible Word Template, Quoox can then assemble the answers provided into a complete document.  This is then presented back to the member for approval via a signature on their mobile device.

Furthermore, you can automatically make the completed forms available to members via the Quoox mobile app, within their documents library.  Most importantly, you have full access to the specific version of the document approved by the member at any time – so there can never be any doubt as to what was agreed to, and with the added benefit of not needing to rummage around in a filing cabinet to find the form you need!

Check-In’s; Surveys; and Questionnaires

These days it is commonplace (and good practice) to send member’s well-being or check-in questionnaires.  Many facilities do these monthly, with some sending out weekly check-ins.  But, as we all know, staying on top of 150-200 form responses a week is a huge headache – especially when there might be some critical information buried in there!

Quoox greatly reduces this headache.  Facilities are able to setup their check-in’s and surveys such that, if the member responds in a certain way, this can trigger a dashboard alert.  This means that you can know the very moment a member has perhaps indicated that they are unhappy or struggling, and deal with it there-and-then, rather than having to wait until ten o’clock at night when you finally get 2-minutes to wade through the ton of responses you’ve had that day.

This approach enables facilities to provide a much higher level of service to their customers.  Simply issuing a survey is not customer service.  Responding promptly and meaningfully is.

Watch our introductory video to see the setup and scheduling of an example weekly check-in.

Automated, effortless distribution

Quoox provides several different ways of sending out forms/questionnaires:

Ad hoc
Send out a form to one or more members; a member group; and/or a membership(s) on an ad hoc basis.  If the member already has the form pending their completion, the system will avoid duplication.

Perfect for things such as weekly check-in’s, you can schedule forms to be sent to groups of members on a highly flexible schedule – or on multiple schedules. Sit back, and Quoox will take care of all of the work for you.

New Members
Automatically allocate forms such as waivers and PAR-Q’s to members upon the creation of their member record.  This also triggers from self-signup’s where members sign up as part of a Quoox campaign.

Add a form or questionnaire to your nurture sequence.  This is a great way to get feedback during a 30/45-day trial, or any other process for which you are using Quoox‘s powerful nurturing sequences.

The deliverables tab on the membership configuration provides a method for associating a form with a membership, so that it is automatically allocated to a member when they take up that membership.  This is a great way for gathering information about training licences etc.

Watch our introductory video to learn how to send out forms/questionnaires in these different ways.

Straightforward Status Checks

Staying on top of which member has completed what forms can be an utter pain – especially if you’re having to use 3rd party products to collect the data.  Quoox‘s ethos of providing a single, cohesive solution here again comes into it’s own, and will save facility owners a stack of hassle…

A member’s forms are stored against their member record.  You can easily see at a glance which forms have been completed, and access the content at a click.  Furthermore, by combining Quoox forms with our Status Checks you can not only see that a form has been completed, most importantly, that it has been reviewed and dealt with.

Status checks are clearly visible on a member record an during roll-call.

As well as checking the status of forms by member, you can also check the status by form.  Select the form of choice and view those completion request which remain outstanding.

Watch our introductory video to see how easy it is to employ these checks, and how they can simplify your life!

Miscellaneous changes

As with every release, this update includes a few miscellaneous bug fixes.  There is also a change to the schedule filter behaviour in the mobile app, whereby clicking Reset will now clear all criteria (as to setting the member’s default venue as the filter).  This change has been made following feedback from customers, and will likely be easier for members to understand.

This update also includes a late-breaking amendment, which makes it that lead notes are also migrated to members when using the Convert function. Lead notes were previously retained against the lead record.


During November we will be doing another “Goodie Bag” release.  This release will contain a number of smaller enhancements and improvements.  Our aim is that there will be something in there to please everybody!

Whilst writing forms & questionnaires we have also implemented the foundations for some of our next innovative solutions.  We are looking forward to sharing with you in due course some of the amazing features that we will be introducing next year, and that will continue to help position your facility head & shoulders above your competition.

Thank you for your continued custom.

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