Lockdown 2.0

Tips for pivoting to Lockdown 2.0

Saturday, 31st October 2020 – London – This evening, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, announced a further compulsory period of lockdown in England commencing Thursday 5th November, and ending Wednesday 2nd December.  This will effect many of our customers.

At this point, as has been the case with all previous announcements, it wasn’t absolutely clear what the rules are for gyms and fitness facilities – but leisure was mentioned as being included in the closure.  At Quoox, we are gearing-up to support our customers, as their needs become clear.

This is a stressful time for the industry, but one many of us feared might be coming.


Firstly and foremost, we encourage our customers to follow the guidelines (as they become clear).  Communication will be key with your customers.  They will be wanting to see you lead, and to show that you put their safety at the top of the agenda.  Use the tools that you have available to you, including Zoom sessions; FitFlix; XRcize; and Forms/Questionnaires.

Migrating existing in-person sessions to Zoom

We have many customers looking/needing to pivot currently scheduled in-person session across to Zoom and (where applicable) MZ-Remote.

We have put together the following video on the best way to do this, so that your Zoom meetings and MZ-Book classes get correctly created.

The above process will enable you to move your existing scheduled sessions to Zoom sessions; have the meeting created in Zoom; the existing attendees booked on; and (where applicable), the class and attendees created in MZ-Book.

If you have multiple Zoom rooms (accounts), you will need to go through each of your sessions in turn, select the room you wish to use and go through the above steps.

If you have just one Zoom room (account), and you don’t have any overlapping sessions scheduled, we may be able to help you migrate your sessions en-masse.  Please contact us through helpdesk if you would like our assistance with a bulk migration of sessions to Zoom.

IMPORTANT: Remember that amending your session schedules does not effect sessions already scheduled.  If you have, say, a 4-week schedule set, you may be able to leave your schedule in place and just amend those sessions that already exist.  Then, following this lockdown period, your in-persons sessions will still be in place and set up.

Next steps

We have put this response together as a preliminary response to tonight’s news, and based upon limited information.  We will publish further updates as more information becomes known and, with any luck, the fitness industry may be partially or totally exempt.

You’re not alone

We know this is a very stressful time for the industry, compounded by uncertainty.  At Quoox, we too are facility owners.  If any of you need a friendly ear or someone in a similar situation to speak to, please do reach out.

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