November 2020 Bounty Box Release

November 2020 Bounty Box Release!

Friday, 13th November 2020 – London – Fitness industry software specialists Quoox today announced the latest round of features and updates to their Gym and Studio Management Solution.

The “November Bounty Box release”, will become available from 16 November. In line with the Quoox company principles, every customer will receive all new features and updates all included within their existing subscription package.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences Monday, 16 November
iOS App: Roll-out commences 16 November*, ver. 1.6.8
Android App: Roll-out commences 16 November*, ver. 1.6.8
* Subject to Google Play and App Store review/approval times.

The November Bounty Box release brings with it two major new features, along with 24 other updates and enhancements. This release forms part of the company’s regular-update stream, with further major new innovations already underway and to be announced in the New Year.

As well as introducing our own ideas and innovations, we spend a lot of time listening to feedback from our customers.

We are pleased to include many developments initiated by customer requests in this release, with more to follow in future releases.

Chris Windram
Co-Founder, Quoox

In addition to the regular maintenance and service patches, the new functions and noteworthy enhancements/updates contained within this release comprise:

At Quoox we spend a lot of time working to streamline processes for both facilities and members.  Members having to visit multiple different sites and apps is not a good user experience, and we continue to strive to provide a central solution for all of your needs.  This will be continued further with exciting new innovations that we will be releasing in the New Year.

New Campaign Landing Page Block Editor, with new templates

Watch videoMany of our customers use the Quoox Campaign functionality with great success to capture and sign-up leads and new members.

One comment that we often hear is “it’s not as easy as WordPress”.  Whilst WordPress has been developed by a team of 70 talented developers, over 17 years, it was always our aim to continue development of the Campaign functionality to make it as easy (yet effective) as possible.

We are delighted to announce our new Block Editor to our campaign functionality.  This is our take on what we think makes for a good page builder and, during testing, feedback has been that it is “even better and easier to use than WordPress”.

The new editor contains over 500 pre-configured blocks, and the options are virtually limitless.  Almost every aspect of the page and content is administrable, and Quoox will intelligently setup the popup sign-up and purchase links for you.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to the editor.  We will release a further (more in-depth) video in due course, as there are way too many features to cover in a brief introduction.  Existing landing pages remain usable and editable via the original editor, but all new landing pages will be managed using the new block editor.

New Templates

To coincide with the new editor, we have created 12 entirely new templates to help you get started.  These can be easily tweaked to suit your needs or, as you will see from the video above, you can create your own stunning looking page within just minutes.

  • January Kickstart
  • September Reboot
  • Martial Arts
  • Bikini Blast
  • 6-week Challenge
  • 4-week Challenge
  • 30-Day Trial
  • Membership Sign-up
  • eBook Registration
  • Consultation Promotion
  • Nutrition Plan Promotion
  • Over 50’s Campaign
Upload your own Landing Page

We have also enhanced the “upload your own page” function. Quoox will now add in the popup sign-up and purchase code, meaning you can now just use the [[REGISTERINTEREST]] tag in your landing page design to trigger the sign-up process.  Quoox also automatically adds the Facebook and Google tracking code into your uploaded page, further reducing the need for you having technical knowledge.

Post to Facebook

It’s back! As some of you will be aware, our “post hook to Facebook” function got caught up in Facebook’s COVID lockdown.  Also, during that period, Facebook completely updated their integration methods (typical!).  We have now updated our post function to use Facebook’s latest API’s, and Facebook has approved our integration.

As has been the case with Twitter for some time, you can now (once more) post your Quoox hooks to your facility’s Facebook page in just one click.  You may then, optionally, boost these as paid adverts within Facebook to gain a wider audience.

Restricting Marketing Campaigns to a specific session type

To date, appointment booking campaigns have offered up all available “marketing session” slots to leads to book.  Following customer requests, we have now extended this function such that appointment campaigns may now be linked to specific marketing session types – thus enabling multiple different types of marketing campaign to be run simultaneously.

Push alerts

Watch video A “push alert” is a concise alert notification broadcast to one or more subscribed mobile devices.  Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) typically refer to these push alerts as “notifications”.  They are for the express purpose of bringing a user’s attention to something, as opposed to a more personalised dialog.

To date, Quoox has used push alerts for functions such as buddy requests, form/questionnaire notifications etc.  We have now extended this implementation further, and have added the ability for facilities to generate their own push alerts.

Examples of good use of push alerts would be “You have a new video in FitFlix called Staying Healthy During Lockdown.”, or “The facility will be re-opening after lockdown at 9am on 2nd December. Check our schedule in the app.”.  These would comply with Apple and Google guidelines.

“Hey Shawna, what did you think of your last session?” is not a good use of a push alert, and would sit better as an email or text message, as these have a route to respond.

We strongly suggest that customers temper their usage of push alerts.  Too many will annoy your members, and they will simply turn off notifications.  You will likely have more members opted-in for notifications using Android devices, than iOS devices.  Android opts-in by default, whereas iOS opts-out by default.  Your iOS opt-in rate will likely sit as low as 20-30%.  You should use email or SMS messaging to encourage your members to “turn on notifications” for the Quoox app.

Push alerts are a one-way broadcast, akin to a radio transmission.  There is no way of knowing how many people received or read the alert.  Statistics show that the average mobile device is sent 46 push alerts per day.

You may find this guidance helpful in determining which message type to use in which circumstance, and how best to send it.

This video shows the different ways of sending push alerts, and explains suggested use cases and restrictions.

We have extended the push alert functionality to all of these functions:

  • Message centre
  • Scheduled broadcasts
  • RoboNudge
  • Nurturing
  • XRcize support messages
Pro-Rata Credits

Watch video Quoox operates a member’s credit allocation and payment schedules as two separate entities.  This provides a great deal of flexibility (not available in most other products), such as issuing credits monthly, but charging weekly etc.  As such, the issuance of credits would often happen at a different point to payments.

For various reasons, some facilities wanted the credit and payment schedules in alignment.  To date this has been achievable by starting the membership on the payment anniversary date, and thus the two (naturally) sit in sync.

We have added a new option whereby credits may now also be allocated on a “pro-rata (proportional) basis” when starting a membership part way through a payment period.

Two credit pro-rata options are provided.  These are “round up” and “round down”.  The former works in favour of the member, the latter in favour of the facility.  For example, if your membership allocates “6x small group sessions and 2x 1-on-1 sessions” charged at £99 on the first day of every month, and the member starts on 20th of the month:

  • The first charge would be roughly ⅓ x £99 ≈ £33
  • The first credits would be:
    • ⅓ x 6 small group sessions = 2 small group sessions
    • ⅓ x 2 1-on-1 sessions = ⅔ 1-on-1 sessions

Clearly it’s not possible to issue ⅔ of a credit (or attend ⅔ of a session), so the choice of “round up” or “round down” determines if the member is allocated 1 credit (rounded up) or 0 credits (rounded down).

Credit pro-rating only occurs for the first period of a membership; when the membership start date is not on the payment anniversary date; and when credit pro-rating has been turned-on in the Settings area of Quoox.  By default, credit pro-rating is turned off and the previous “separate” credit schedule will be used.

Booking/Scheduling Amendments

Watch videoThis release includes 3x amendments/enhancements to booking and scheduling functions.

Separate Member Schedule view period

One of the fundamental principals of Quoox is that once a session appears in the portal schedule it has been “scheduled”, and is the “orphaned” from the originating schedule.  This approach provides a wealth of flexibility to facility owners, such as being able to tailor specific sessions to differ from the originating schedule.

Partially as a consequence of lockdowns, several customers requested that members have a shorter view of sessions than employees.  This release includes several changes to make this possible.

  • “Weeks of sessions to timetable” has now been given additional granularity by changing it to “Days of sessions to timetable”
  • A new option of “Days of sessions to show members” has been added.  This must always be equal to or less than the weeks of sessions to timetable.  Leaving this option blank will show members all scheduled sessions.
    Remember: if you can’t see it in the portal schedule, it hasn’t yet been timetabled (and thus, members won’t see it either)
  • We have changed the granularity of the member booking period to minutes from hours, so that “Allow bookings until x hours before start” is now “Allow bookings until x mins before start”.

Changing the “Days of sessions to show members” setting will take effect within 15 minutes.  Changing the “Weeks of sessions to timetable” setting will not have any impact until the overnight scheduling processes (as has always been the case).

Additional portal scheduler filters

The venue filter on the portal schedule view has been replaced with a venue/venue area filter.  This allows for a greater level of filtering, restricting to one or more sessions in particular areas.  For usability purposes, the filter change now only occurs when clicking the “Apply filter” button.  Similarly, a new “Reset filter” button has been provided to reset the filter back to show all sessions.

3x new Dashboard Widgets

Watch videoWe have introduced 3x new dashboard widgets in this release. Click the Reset Layout button in the dashboard if you cannot see the new widgets, or if you wish to return to the default layout.

New Members

The first widget lists all new members created within the last 7-days, with the ability to click through to the member record.  This makes it easy for all staff members to see who has recently joined; to crib-up on their needs; and to make them feel welcome when they see them.

Overdue Payments

Particularly due to the current global challenges, many customers have experience higher-than-normal payment failures for memberships. As has always been the case, Quoox retries payments five times; alerting of each failure; and alerting upon the final attempt.  It is then for the facility owner to remedy and reset the payment schedule.

The new overdue payments widget makes it easier for facilities to see those membership payments that are overdue, and also to be able to action them from the dashboard.  Options are provided for:

  • Retry – Retry the payment immediately by the assigned means.
  • Reset – Do not re-attempt the payment, but simply reset the payment schedule to restart on the next payment date.

The Reset option will be particularly useful for those facilities who have received the overdue payment by other means (such as cash), and need to reset the payment schedule.

Note: The widget only shows outstanding overdue payments since 1st November 2020.

Instant Push Broadcast

Further extending our Push Alert functionality, the Instant Push Broadcast widget provides a quick & easy method for sending a push alert to all known registered devices.  An example of a suitable use for this widget would be for alerts such as “The facility is closed today due to unforeseen circumstances. We will re-open Tuesday”

Add a Payment Card

Watch videoIt is our eternal aim to make payment collection from members as easy as possible.  As facility owners ourselves, we know this is one of the biggest headaches of owning a gym!

Whilst it has always been possible to add a card via the mobile app (as part of the session booking sequence), version 1.6.8 of the app pulls this out as a separate function to which members can be guided.  This is in addition to the portal-based https://quoox.com/addcard function.

Portal Access Restrictions

Watch videoWe have added a new method by which access to the Quoox administration portal can be restricted by IP address.  This method is suitable for facilities that have static (i.e. consistent/known) IP addresses assigned to their network.

Acceptable IP address ranges may be specified in the global settings.  Any employee accessing the system from an IP within one of the specified ranges (and with valid login credentials) will be granted access.

Additionally, further IP address ranges may be allocated to individual employees, extending their access to (say) their homes or other known locations.  An option is provided on a per employee basis for “skip IP validation checks”, so that those without static IP addresses may still be granted access.

The IP ranges support both IP4 and IP6 nomenclature using CIDR syntax.  Your existing IP address will be clearly shown, and may be copied into the range box.

Note: The account under Quoox was commissioned (i.e. the person who signed-up) is never restricted by IP address.  This is to avoid the situation where a facility might accidentally block themselves from accessing their own system.

Warning: This function is only suitable if you have static (or long lease) IP addresses.  If you do not, you should not use this function as you run a regular risk of being locked-out of the system.

System Templates

We have added some extra options to some of the email editors, including for the system templates.  These include a link to open the hyperlink editor, plus bulleted and numbered lists.

For email system templates, a new preview option has been added so that facilities can see how their system templates lay out when wrapped in the Quoox email template.

Group Membership Report

A new “Members > Group Allocations” report has been added to provide a listing of the groups to which a member belongs.

The list may be filtered by member, or group (including system groups).

Additional Automated Alerts

Watch videoWe have added two new automated notifications/alerts:

New lead push alert

It is now possible to specify an employee group to whom a push alert will be sent upon the registration of a new lead.  This is in addition to the ability to have an alert added to the dashboard.

Waitlist alerts

If a member is moved from a wait list to a session, or a session space becomes available, they are now sent a push alert in addition to the previous email notifications. This will enable members (with notifications turned on) to be more responsive to spaces becoming available/allocated.

Booking Management Enhancements

This release includes some process flow enhancements to booking management:

Re-sync with Zoom/MZ-Book

It is occasionally necessary to re-sync an online session with Zoom or MZ-Book if say, for example, a member had a mismatching email address etc.  To date, these were two separate functions.

This release consolidates the re-sync functions into one, and Quoox will intelligently determine what steps it needs to try to take to remedy a booking issue.

Send join instructions to all members

It has always been possible to re-send join instructions to individuals on a booking.  Following customer requests, we have now added a function under “More Actions”, whereby all attendees can be re-sent joining instructions at a single click.

Mailbox Amendments

Having reviewed how customers are using the mail centre functionality, we have made some minor tweaks/improvements.  This guidance may be useful in determining which message type and send method to use in different circumstances.

Merge tag replacements for viewing messages against a member

When viewing a sent message in a member’s Messages tab, the mail merge fields are now completed (where possible).  In the central mail centre these tags will remain visible, as their value will vary for each recipient.

Removal of outgoing messages to members from employee mailboxes

A by product of the way that the mail centre works is that sent messages to members would appear in the sent items of the employee’s member record, on their Messages tab.  This was potentially confusing.  We have now removed messages meeting these criteria from the list, so that the messages appear solely in the message centre or in the messages tab of the member to whom they were sent.

Improved message review closure

Previously closing the mail message popup would reset the mailbox listing.  This could be frustrating if trying to traverse a number of messages.  This behaviour has now been modified and, instead, the list refreshes (rather than resets).

Reminder: If you use the “mark as actioned” option for messages in your mailbox, you’ll end up with much less clutter in your message centre and it will help you focus on new or unactioned messages.  Also, you can use the “assign to employee” function to pass a message task to a colleague or employee group.

Miscellaneous changes

At Quoox we release bug fixes on a regular basis, typically with a few days of an issue becoming known.

Additional minor changes in this release include the renaming of the “Show/Hide Replies” message centre filter option to “Show/Hide Outbound”; and moving the camera/photos/storage permissions check in the forms function of the app to a later point in the process.

Thank you!

We appreciate the continued support and feedback that we receive from our customers, and we hope that there is something that is of benefit for everyone in this release.

We are already working on our next major innovations, which will be released in the New Year. Further information will be provided on those in due course.  In the meantime, there may be one or two smaller updates between now and then – so follow us on Facebook to stay informed.

Thank you for choosing Quoox.

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