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The future of the member’s area – FitnessHub

Tuesday, 15th December 2020 – London – Fitness industry software specialists Quoox today announced the latest major new feature for their Gym and Studio Management Solution.

“FitnessHub”, will become available from 20 December – over a month earlier than scheduled, further helping Quoox clients maximise their New Year sign-ups. As always, and in line with the Quoox company principles, every customer will receive all new features and updates all included within their existing subscription package.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences Sunday, 20 December
iOS App: Not applicable
Android App: Not applicable

FitnessHub is the new member website/portal for the Quoox gym management solution.

Fully integrated with Quoox, and branded as your own, FitnessHub provides an appealing, feature-rich platform with which to engage your members.  We believe it to be the most comprehensive “member area” available, by far.  Not only does it bring the full functionality of the Quoox member app online, but far more besides.

FitnessHub also sets the foundations for a number of new, exciting innovations that Quoox will be releasing during 2021.

To learn more about FitnessHub, read on or watch the introductory video.

January is traditionally a busy time in the fitness world, with lots of people looking to get fit in the New Year.

Nobody knows what January 2021 is going to look like but, at Quoox, we wanted to ensure that our clients had every tool at their disposal to help them recruit new members.

We have worked hard to deliver FitnessHub a whole month earlier than scheduled, and we look forward to hearing customer feedback.

Chris Windram
Co-Founder, Quoox

As with any new feature that Quoox innovates, it always ties-back and expands upon existing features/functions.  FitnessHub ties into the Quoox campaign functions, moving these to your own, dedicated fitnesshub.net domain (e.g. mygym.fitnesshub.net) – adding additional branding options, and implementing some campaign flow tweaks to help maximise member sign-ups and engagement.

FitnessHub replaces the former member area at my.quoox.com.  Members logging into my.quoox.com will now be redirected to your FitnessHub member area, providing them with a fully branded, captivating and feature-rich experience.  Functions such as adding a payment card, and adding a new payment mandate are similarly re-directed to FitnessHub.

Being an integral part of the Quoox eco-system, members log into FitnessHub using their regular Quoox login details.  The content they then have available to them is down to what you have assigned them.  Clients can say goodbye to their “it’ll do for now” WordPress member areas, content with the knowledge that their members are being delivered the content they wish them to see, in a secure manner, and fully managed from within Quoox.

Going a step further, FitnessHub uses the Quoox block editor to enable clients to fully customise their homepage content; create new pages; and, effectively, use FitnessHub as their entire website.  Clients have the option of linking to FitnessHub as their “members area”; bouncing their existing website to FitnessHub.net; or using FitnessHub standalone.

FitnessHub has been designed to be mobile and SEO friendly, giving you a wealth of options.  The portal also supports “deep linking”, enabling you to send members links to specific sessions; specific FitFlix® videos; and more (something not possible with a mobile app).

Quoox is about bringing everything into one place…  There is nothing that confuses or frustrates members more than having a dozen different URLs or logins that they need to use to undertake their wellbeing program with you! They come only to you for their wellness solution, you can do everything they need within Quoox.

A first look at FitnessHub

As with many Quoox features, the potential is largely bounded only by your imagination.  Check out the FitnessHub introductory video below.  Your FitnessHub member area will launch with existing content you have uploaded to Quoox, with additional functions that you can turn on at a single click.

Feature Overview

Straight out-of-the-box FitnessHub provides you and your members with a wealth of features.  Some of these are highlighted below, with additional features slated to be added during 2021.

Branded design, with custom pages and content

FitnessHub will use your logo and brand colours, presented in a clean, crisp, SEO-friendly style.  By default, FitnessHub will use the logo you have uploaded. Optionally, you can upload a different format logo for FitnessHub to use, along with a version that Quoox will convert into the various formats required for use as browser icon.

Several key areas, including the main body of the home page, are fully content administrable by you – enabling you to add pretty much any content that you wish, using the over 500 default template blocks we provide, or even by adding your own HTML code.  Additionally, you can create your own custom pages.  You may choose whether these are generally available, or restricted to logged in members.  Quoox generates both SEO friendly and shortlink URLs for each page, making sending your members links a simple, painless task.

Fully integrated and hosted in Quoox’s worldwide data centres

Your FitnessHub site is hosted at our worldwide data centres, as part of the core Quoox system.  This means that it automatically benefits from the wealth of security and optimisation features we have in place.  We deliver all of this inclusive of your existing monthly subscription charge.


Your full schedule is accessible through FitnessHub, both to members and non-members.  It may be filtered using the same criteria available within the mobile app, to aid the location of a particular session type.  You may also send deep-links to particular sessions, useful for events such as “click here to join our New Year celebration session”.

Members may fully administer their bookings via FitnessHub, as they can via the mobile app.  This includes booking and cancelling sessions, as well as joining Zoom/online sessions.

Enquire/Contact Us

FitnessHub includes a generic “contact us” form, via which you can receive enquiries directly into your Message Centre.  Alternatively, you can opt to have the link either hidden, or instead redirected to a campaign of your choice (E.g. a lead capture campaign).


You may optionally display a “sign-up” link on FitnessHub, which allows new members to create an account.  As with the enquiries form, this may also be hidden, or directed to a campaign of your choice (E.g. a membership sign-up campaign)

Venue Listing

Visitors are able to see your venue locations, contact information and photographs – as configured via the “Venues” area of your Quoox portal.

Document Library

Members may access their personal documents and documents that you have made available to them via FitnessHub.  Furthermore, if you have given them permission to upload files, they may also accomplish this via the member area.  Uploads via FitnessHub support additional file types, which are unsupported via mobile devices and the Quoox mobile app (e.g. PDF uploads).

Profile administration

Members may administer their profile via FitnessHub, including adding new payment cards; adding a direct debit mandate; and viewing/managing their sessions.  New, branded, shortlinks are now provided for adding a card or mandate.

My FITfile

The full functionality of My FITfile is provided through FitnessHub, including FitFlix®; XRcize; Weigh-Ins; Personal Bests; BodyHop; Insights; Buddies; and Forms & Questionnaires.  In many cases, it is possible to provide deeper links to content within these areas, making it easier to link your members to content you wish them to see via email or SMS.

For those members with a family grouping setup with in Quoox, the full Family functionality is also available – including viewing and booking for family members, plus for parents to “assume the identity of their children” and use FitnessHub as them.


Every gym/studio owner knows that the ability to up-sell is a key part of a successful fitness business.  Quoox now brings store functionality to FitnessHub.

At your discretion, you may now sell Credits; Memberships; and/or physical products via FitnessHub.  Additionally, if you are MyZone® clients and have entered your MyZone® voucher code into Quoox, a direct link is provided to the MyZone® belt store for use by your members.

For physical products, you may choose whether you wish to offer an inland delivery service – specifying postage costs as appropriate.  A new dashboard widget and alerts enable you to stay on-top-of your orders and collections.  Members may track their order progress via FitnessHub, with postage tracking links provided where applicable.

Additionally, for those who use a 3rd party store, options are provided to link to a 3rd party store URL, or to embed that 3rd party store within your FitnessHub site.

Social Media links and tracking

You may optionally add your social media links to FitnessHub (E.g. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram), as well as adding either a Google Analytics tracking code and/or a Facebook tracking pixel.

Miscellaneous changes

In addition to the above, this release also contains a few minor amendments.

Credit expiry date extension upon membership pausing

When a membership is paused for 1, 2 or 3-months, this period is added to the date upon which the next payment is collected and also upon which the next credits are issued.  So, if a membership is paused for 2-months on 11th December, and the next payment and credit issue date was 15th December, this then becomes 15th February.  Because everything moves by a full subscription period, nobody loses out and it remains fair to both the member and the facility.

In most cases, facilities wish to extend the expiry date for the member’s grace credits, so that these are available when the membership re-commences.  As we have determined this to almost always be the preference, the membership pause function now automatically extends the validity any grace credits for that membership for the period of the pause.  This means that, once the membership recommences, those credits are still valid.

Zero cost memberships in campaigns

In some areas, the industry is seeing the re-emergence of “free trial memberships”.  To date, when purchasing a membership via a campaign, Quoox would always request payment card details, regardless of the monies due at that time.  To better facilitate “free memberships”, and to avoid a potential barrier to sign-up, the request for payment details is now skipped if the membership cost is zero.  In this scenario, facilities will have to arrange their own collection of payment details – and FitnessHub can be used for this purpose.

Venue assignment for Notice Board postings

Following customer requests, it is now possible to assign a staff notice board posting to the in-built “Online” venue.

Email validator

We recently became aware of Hotmail (Microsoft) permitting the creation of email addresses that don’t strictly meet the RFC rules for email address structure.  The email address validator in Quoox enforces these rules and thus, on rare occasions, email addresses were being declined as “invalid”.  We have now amended the validator within Quoox to permit these (theoretically disallowed) email addresses.  The next rollout of the mobile apps (in the new year) will also implement this revision.

Bug fixes

As per all of our releases, this update includes a few bug fixes and system enhancements. None are noteworthy, and none of these issues have been experienced by clients or end users (that we are aware of).

Thank you!

2020 has shaped up to be a year of the like that no-one could have predicted. The industry has been put under unprecedented pressure, but it continues to fight and will grow ever-stronger as result of the challenges we have all been presented.

Ben, Chris and the Quoox team would like to thank all of their customers for their support this year.  We hope that Quoox has helped make your lives a little easier, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2021 and beyond.

Thank you for choosing Quoox.

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