Brucie Bonus Adios 2020 Release

The Brucie Bonus (Adios 2020) Release

Christmas Day, 2020 – London – In an unexpected announcement, Fitness industry software specialists Quoox today revealed a bonus release of their Gym and Studio Management Solution – their final update for 2020.

The “Brucie Bonus (Adios 2020)” release, will become available from 26 December. In line with the Quoox company principles, every customer will receive all new features and updates all included within their existing subscription package.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences Boxing Day, 2020
iOS App: Not applicable
Android App: Not applicable

If 2020 had been a pizza topping, it would most definitely have been anchovies (Ed: don’t @ us).  Gym and studio owners have been put under unprecedented pressure this year, and the industry has experienced one of the most challenging periods ever.

In the UK, the weekly “Chris Witty’s Lockdown Roulette” primetime TV show has taken schedule planning from typically being twice yearly, to almost a monthly event.  This is compounded by the reality that no-sooner than we start building up our member bases, we get shoved back into lockdown again.

With it looking like lockdown will continue to come and go for a few more months yet, this release should make it easier for clients to re-jig their schedules at a moment's notice.

Come the New Year, attracting new members is an absolute must for most facilities. FitnessHub, now combined with immersive emails in campaigns; nurturing; and beyond, should help put our clients in a strong position versus their competitors.

Chris Windram
Co-Founder, Quoox

The health, safety and well-being of everyone must remain paramount but there cannot be a single person who isn’t wanting the vaccine to make an impact ASAP.

Close on the heels of our FitnessHub release, we have decided to say a firm goodbye to 2020 with an extra, Brucie Bonus release.

This release comprises one major new feature; two handy feature enhancements; and a number of smaller (behind the scenes) updates:

During 2020 we have worked to try to identify as many areas as possible where Quoox can help support you and your business through this period.  We very much appreciate the kind and positive feedback that we have received from our customers.  As gym owners ourselves, we experience first hand the challenges that the industry faces.

The last 9-months has seen a prolific number of new features and updates released. Why not remind yourself of some of our innovations this year, and here’s hoping 2021 is a “pepperoni passion” kind of year (Ed: ok, you’re going to have to forgive us.  It’s been a long year, and we are writing this on Christmas day!)

Immersive Emails

Watch video The major new feature we’re introducing in this release is Immersive Emails.  This is what we call engaging, content-rich emails that really pack-a-punch with your leads and members.  We have introduced Immersive Emails as an option in Campaign reachouts; Scheduled broadcasts; Nurturing campaigns; and XRcize support messages.

Immersive Email EditorWe are all used to receiving pretty emails from large organisations.  Creating these messages is technically quite challenging, but the new Immersive Email functionality using Quoox‘s block builder (pre-configured with several hundred design blocks) makes the process as easy as possible.  We have built this feature on top of the widely respected Zurb Foundation Email framework, known for facilitating consistent results across a wide range of email clients.  Quoox then takes care of the technical complexities meaning that, as long as you follow a couple of simple rules, you will get great looking emails every time!

The option for sending Immersive Emails has been provided in all of the key areas of Quoox, enabling you to send enticing campaign emails to leads; warm, nurturing emails to members; informative, instructive and promotional emails to your client base; and supportive, engaging emails to those undertaking XRcize online training programs.

Check out the short introductory video, and then have a play! The “test send” action makes it easy to send yourself a copy of your email design, so that you may check how it displays in your email client.

For further information on how to get the best out of Immersive Emails, check out the support article.

Schedule re-sync options

Watch videoThe method by which Quoox generates and schedules sessions means that we are able to deliver a great deal more flexibility than some other products.  Clients have the ability to easily tailor specific sessions within a scheduled sequence.  However, during these times where schedules are being re-written every few weeks, updating existing sessions can be a bit tedious.

This release introduces new re-sync options for when amending existing schedules.  This makes it a simple task to amend or delete a batch of sessions.

Reschedule options

By default, the date is set to the following day and the re-sync action is ticked.  The date may be amended or the re-sync unchecked as per your wishes.

The time for existing schedules cannot be amended, but the duration can.  One of the primary reasons for this is that you don’t want to be bulk moving schedules onto which members are booked, as it will cause a wealth of confusion.

This update also makes it much easier to move sessions between venues and online rooms.  In this scenario, Quoox takes care of all of the heavy-lifting – cancelling Zoom meetings (where they existed); creating Zoom meetings (where required); and advising members of their new join links.  The same applies to MZ-Remote and MZ-Book sessions, where Quoox handles the myriad of complexities in such changes on your behalf.

Re-syncing is a background task, so it may take a couple of minutes before changes are reflected in your schedule.  Normally changes are visible immediately, or within a matter of seconds.

Public file sharing using the Q:\ Drive

Watch videoWith the release of FitnessHub, and now our Immersive Emails, it is often handy to be able to link to files to download from within the pages or the emails.

As part of this release we have extended the functionality of the Q:\ Drive file store.  Now, when you upload a file to public files you have the option of getting a “share link” to that file.  This link is based upon your FitnessHub domain, and anybody with the share link has access to the file (the same as with either Dropbox or Google Drive links).

To get your file link, right-click on the file within your public files and select the “Copy share link” option.  This copies the link to your device’s clipboard.  You may now use that link within FitnessHub pages; emails; or, in fact, any method via which you wish to share it.

This method is useful for sharing ad hoc marketing files with leads or members, any compliments the Quoox Library functionality which provides greater control over who may access a file, plus file listings.

Miscellaneous changes

At Quoox we release bug fixes on a regular basis, typically with a few days of an issue becoming known.

With the advent and rapid adoption of FitnessHub by our clients, members now have multiple avenues for accessing their bookings and wellbeing materials.  As a result of this, we have substantially raised the maximum size of files added to the Quoox library to 75Mb per file.  Please be aware that large files may take a minute or two to upload, and that you should ideally always try to keep files as small as possible for those downloading on slower mobile networks.

This release also includes a few technical updates in preparation for some exciting new innovations during 2021.  None of these amendments will have any visual impact.

Major updates from 2020

Having spent most of 2020 with our teams working from home, the year has been a challenging one.  Despite that, we are proud to have successfully released a significant number of new features and enhancements – all of which have been provided to our customers with inclusive of their existing subscriptions.

  • Social Share
  • Employee Chat
  • Assignments
  • Buddies
  • Families
  • Cleaning Logs
  • XRcize Online Training
  • Quoox Client Library
  • Zoom Integration
  • Lead Generation Enhancement
  • COVID Specific Features
  • MZ-Remote Integration
  • MyZone Account Creation
  • MyZone Store Integration
  • Nurturing
  • Member Document and Status Checks
  • Document Folders
  • Enhanced Schedule Filtering
  • Session Availability Indicators
  • Current Credit Summary
  • FitFlix®
  • Additional waitlist processes
  • KPIs and Metrics
  • Inbound Enquiry Logging
  • Member Blocking
  • Campaign Hook Cloning
  • Automated Facebook Posting
  • Forms & Questionnaires
  • Push Alerts
  • Pro-Rata Credits
  • Security Enhancements
  • Automated Alerts
  • Block Editor for Campaigns
  • FitnessHub Member Area
  • Online Store
  • Immersive Emails
  • Schedule re-sync options

That’s 37 major new features, on top of dozens of smaller enhancements too numerous to mention!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our customers for your custom this year.  We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2021, and for 2021 to be a positive year for the global fitness and wellbeing industries.

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