Moving your sessions to Zoom en-masse

Moving your sessions to Zoom en-masse

And so, with depressing inevitability, we find ourselves here again… a large number of customers in lockdown, with a seeming likelihood that this will expand further over the coming days.  Consequently, many facilities are needing to rapidly shift their sessions back to Zoom, so let’s look at the easiest way to do this in Quoox.

This guidance is written on the assumption that you already have Zoom setup and integrated with Quoox.  If you don’t, then your first step is to start here.  Similarly, if you want to use the awesome MZ-Remote from MyZone and don’t yet have it set up, then head here.

The schedule re-sync options within Quoox make it easy to your sessions to Zoom.  However, Zoom do throw one spanner in the works, so read on for how to avoid being caught by this.

Zoom limits each of its accounts to a maximum of 100 meeting create/update/delete actions per 24hr period. Whilst ordinarily not an issue, this can cause problems when moving large numbers of sessions to/from Zoom, as Zoom will block meeting creation once the limit has been reached. This manifests itself as “Quoox was unable to create the Zoom meeting…” type alerts. Zoom reset this limit at midnight (UST) every night.

By following the correct process (in conjunction with Quoox‘s built-in mitigation functionality) you can avoid this “gotcha”.

Step 1
For sessions you have scheduled in the next day or two, manually update these sessions to use your Zoom account, by changing the venue and venue area.

For each session, select the “re-sync with Zoom/MZ-book” option from the menu.  This will schedule your Zoom meetings and add the attendees are participants.

If you don’t have session reminders setup, you may also wish to “re-send join instructions” so that members have their join links.  They can, of course, also use the join buttons in your FitnessHub member area, or from within the mobile app.

Step 2
From within the Settings > Sessions & Events area, work your way through your session types, updating each schedule to the Zoom account you desired.  Make sure you have the re-sync box checked at the bottom, and the date set from which you wish to move the sessions.

Quoox will, within a few minutes, update all of the matching sessions; create the Zoom meetings and MZ-Book classes (as appropriate); and book on the attendees.  Attendees will be sent join instructions, but can also use the Join button in your FitnessHub member area, or the mobile app.

If you reach your 100 meeting limit with Zoom, Quoox will be unable to create any further Zoom meetings and alerts will be raised.

However, because you followed step 1 your sessions for the next couple of days are sorted.  Quoox will then, overnight (every night), check for sessions that are missing Zoom meetings, or attendees that have not be created as participants, and will attempt an automatic re-sync with Zoom.  This will address any sessions that fell outside the 100 meeting Zoom limit.

If you are confident that you have fewer than 100 forthcoming sessions scheduled with attendees booked, you can migrate all of your sessions using step 2.  The above process helps avoid you being “caught out” by the Zoom limit, and then finding you cannot schedule your Zoom meetings for imminent sessions.

This 100 meeting creation limit is a restriction that Zoom have in place for all of their accounts, and is not a restriction put in place by Quoox.

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