Creating Planned Responses Using Scheduled Broadcast And Pop Up Events

Bringing in 2021 with a national lockdown isn’t perhaps the best way to kickoff January, but we kinda suspected it was coming!

And as some very wise people say (providing you are not in a dry January!) when handed a lemon, make a lemon martini…

We will be releasing quick tip videos for you on how to use the features in Quoox to help drive your business forward in these challenging times.

This is not Quoox advising you on how to run your business, but how to use the huge range of features you have within Quoox to engage with your members and leads, nurture them, develop your communication channels, build new revenue streams, and stay ahead of the game.


Spread a little happiness!

This video shows what Quoox co-founder Ben Brand put in place in response to the January 4th announcement of a national lockdown for his facility A Tribe Called Sweat, before the announcement was made.

Actions taken on the afternoon of January 4th:

  1. Scheduled Broadcast immersive email written in the afternoon of January 4th set for release at 20:15 announcing a Friday Night Workout Party.
  2. Pop Up Friday Night large group event scheduled.
  3. Announcement of the Pop Up event created on https://tribe.fitnesshub.net/ home page with links to book the session.

Whilst the industry is being forced to react to situations arising at a rate we have never before seen , you can anticipate and set things in place to help reduce your workload and importantly your stress levels.

Your members need relief and support, you need a plan and execution action, use your software to provide this.

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