Free session campaign

An effective free session campaign flow with Quoox

Now is a great time to prepare your next campaign, ready to attract new members to your facility.

Whilst the offering had died-off a little in recent years, there is a current resurgence in “free trial session” campaigns.  Placing less expectations and demands on the attendee, these can be a good way to get new leads into your facility.

The video below shows you can you effectively setup a “free session campaign” and deliver it solely through Quoox, without the overheads of ClickFunnels; Infusionsoft; ActiveCampaign etc.

Don’t forget: The session doesn’t have to be free.  You could, for example, charge £1/$1 and capture payment details as part of the process.  This may, in some cases, reduce the number of “tyre kickers”, whilst still providing a great deal.

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