Early Valentines Update

Early Valentine’s Update

7th February, 2021 – London – Fitness industry software specialists Quoox today released an out-of-band update for its Quoox gym and fitness studio management platform.

This update brings to Quoox customers some minor new features that were potentially advantageous to Quoox users, and warranted an earlier release than scheduled.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: 7 February 2021
iOS App: Not applicable
Android App: Not applicable
In-Person forms and ability to launch FitnessHub as the member

The release of the Quoox Forms & Questionnaires functionality has proven particularly popular, with many customers telling us the money they have saved by being able to cease using the likes of TypeForms and JotForms.

We received some enquiries from clients desiring a workflow whereby they could have members complete forms themselves whilst in-person at the facility.  This is something that we have now facilitated, and is easily managed through Quoox.

Firstly, assign the form or questionnaire to the member record by any of the available means, as you normally would.

When viewing the forms & questionnaires tab of the member record, there is now an additional option alongside incomplete forms:

Launch form as member

Clicking the FitnessHub icon (circled) will open the selected form/questionnaire in FitnessHub (in a new browser tab), and automatically logged in as the member.

This means that, for example, you could open the form on your computer or tablet, and then pass that to the member so that they may complete the form immediately, there-and-then.

Launching FitnessHub as the member

As well as being able to directly open a form for a member in FitnessHub, we have also provided the ability to generally login to FitnessHub as the member.

Launch FitnessHub as member

The action buttons (top-right) in the member record now include a new “launch FitnessHub as member” option.  Clicking this button will open FitnessHub, automatically signed-in as the selected member.  You may then interact with FitnessHub as the member, and this is useful for validating content to which the member has access.

Important: At no point in the “interact as” process is any confidential member data (such as password) shared or revealed.  Furthermore, when interacting with the member’s FitnessHub via this means you will not be able to see content such as BodyHops that the member has chosen to keep private.

Suppress standard emails in campaigns

We recently showed how easy it was to create simple, single-step trial session/membership campaigns.  Many Quoox clients are currently running similar campaigns, along with those for promoting eBooks.

When a lead registers, Quoox automatically sends the default “Leads: Registration Email” from the system templates.  Similarly, when a lead is converted to a member, Quoox automatically sends the default “Members: Welcome Email” from the system templates.

For some campaigns, such as the single-step campaigns outlined above, these emails might be onerous – resulting in the lead/member receiving more emails than you desire.

It is now possible to suppress (I.e., turn off/disable) these email(s) for a given campaign:

Campaign message suppression options

The “lead sign-up email” suppression option will be available for all campaign types.  The “member welcome email” suppression option is only available for/applicable to “Membership Promotion” type campaigns.

By ticking the box(es), Quoox will not send the default system email during the campaign flow.

Important: If you opt to suppress the system emails, it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet your GDPR and other privacy obligations in the emails that you send.

Filter mailbox by preferred venue, plus minor cosmetic tweaks

This update includes some amendments to the Mail Centre filters:

New mailbox filters

It is now possible to filter the mailbox by the “preferred venue” allocated to the member/lead.  Emails for members/leads without a preferred venue are only displayed when the filter is set to “any preferred venue”.

The previous “hide replies/show replies” option has been replaced with a new selector with the options “Inbox” and “Sent items”:

  • Inbox shows inbound messages only (I.e., those sent by the member/lead to the facility)
  • Sent items shows outbound messages only (I.e., those sent by the facility to the member/lead)

The previous “hide actioned/show actioned” option has been replaced with a simple checkbox. When ticked, actioned messages are displayed.

The “Refresh” button has been moved to the right-hand size of the toolbar.

Up next…

Our dual, parallel development cycle remains in process, and our next update will be a further minor new feature update in the latter half of February.  We are also several months into our next new major update, which we are very excited about.  This is scheduled for release during Q2 2021.  Further information will be provided in due course, but we guarantee that this will open exciting new options for many (if not all) of our customers.

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