Valentine's Update

Valentine’s Update

12th February, 2021 – London – On the back of the fantastic reception of its Immersive Email functions, Quoox today announced an update bringing an extension to these popular functions, and extending the communication options that Quoox clients have with their members.

The update is being released on Valentine’s day, 14 February 2021, and will be made available to all clients inclusive of their existing subscription package.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Rollout commences 14 February 2021
iOS App: Not applicable
Android App: Not applicable
Immersive templates and automated system messages

This update provides the ability for clients to pre-define one or more immersive email templates.  These templates are built using Quoox‘s email block builder editor.  With over 500 pre-written content blocks, this eliminates the need for any technical knowledge of building cross-compatible emails.

Clients may set both a default message template, and a default base template.  All outbound system generated emails (such as booking confirmations) will be wrapped in the “default message template”.  When creating new immersive emails, the “default base template” will be used as the message starting point – making creating attractive, visual emails even easier.

Important: When creating your own templates it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the laws and best practices of your country. For most countries, this requires the inclusion of your company registered name; registered or trading address; a contact number; and (often) your company registration number.  If you do not includes this information and your message is reported as spam, you run the risk of all of your Quoox emails being blocked to segments of your members/leads.

Effortless mail centre email branding (with a “no frills” option)

Immersive templates may be used when sending emails to members & leads via the message centre.  The “default message template” will be selected by default, but may be overridden on a per-message basis.

Furthermore, a “plain template” option is provided for those who wish to send messages akin to “plain text” messages without any branding or frills.

Fully immersive system messages

In addition to the ability to wrap system messages in a custom template (see above), this release also brings the ability to create wholly custom system messages.  Each of the Quoox automated message templates may be optionally switched to an immersive email format, and the content built as you wish.

The extension is great for adding useful link buttons and calls-to-action to your automated system messages, such as a button for “join session” on the session booking confirmation email.

Control over background and container colours

Previously, the Quoox immersive emails were of a fixed background and container colour.  This release provides the ability to additionally customise the background; container; default foreground; and default link colours in all instances.  The anatomy of a Quoox immersive template can be understood here.

The foreground and link colours may be overridden on an ad hoc basis, as desired – but provide easy branding defaults.

Minor amendment

As part of this release, the Scheduled Broadcast list will now hide sent broadcasts by default.

Sent broadcasts may be revealed by clicking the Show Sent button.

Additionally, pre-written message content (previously referred to as “templates”) have now been renamed “content snippets”. This is to remove ambiguity between these content elements, and the newly introduced email framework templates.

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