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Is new chain gym competition causing you sleepless nights?

Gym sleeplessFor yet another year, F45 Training has ranked amongst 12 fitness franchises on the Fastest-Growing Franchises list.  Their website currently shows 15 new sites they are opening imminently – and those are just the ones that they have announced.

F45 are not alone. There are flash new chain gyms opening up on high streets and in premium locations all over the country. Their branding draws instant attraction; their facilities are top-notch; and they operate with a considerable advertising budget. They know what they are doing, and they are very good at it.

For many independent fitness facility owners, this is causing sleepless nights.

So, how do you compete?

The chances are that you are a great coach; have a great team; and have a setup that brings your members strong results.  Whilst that is an essential start, alone that might not be enough.

Where small group and personal training facilities of all genres shine is in where it comes to strong community; personal attention; and going above-and-beyond the services that a chain gym can provide in an effective manner.

Maximising your member engagement well beyond the few hours that they spend at your facility is critical.  Your shiny equipment (beautiful and expensive as it may be) isn’t a differentiator when you’re competing with a million-plus fit-out.

With many facility owners already working crazy hours, the thought of needing to “do more” is just too much.  However, as is often the case, the remedy can come from working smarter, not working harder.

Being The Best.

And this is where Quoox will help bring you success.

Using Quoox to manage your facility and members provides a wealth of opportunity for you to deliver a product and level of service that cannot be attained at a high capacity, big-chain gym.

You will be be able to define your product through its excellent delivery. Treating your customers as individuals.

Perhaps best of all, this is done without any extra hours required from you or your team.

Quoox has been proven to increase member retention and member engagement in the face of the stiffest competition, whilst also providing you with all of the tools you need to manage your facility better.  With everything in one place, such as Quoox‘s campaign functionality helping you bring in new leads, alongside effective nurturing and reach-out processes, Quoox will keep the plates spinning so you don’t have to.

Your members will love Quoox‘s FitnessHub portal, through which you can effortlessly deliver on-demand and live video sessions; eBooks and other useful content; structured no-touch workout programs; and so much more. All through a single system.

Quoox provides all of the elements essential to you providing a superior service to your members, and preventing them from falling prey to the “shiny lights” of the flashy new gym opening up the road. With everything for them handled in one place, there is no need to log into different apps and platforms, which means a far superior member experience.

Saving you time AND money.

What’s more is that Quoox will also likely save you both time AND money in the process of making you the market leader!

The worry of new competition can actually be a gift…

It is a great opportunity to review your business processes and see what can be improved. This can also be daunting for many, but organisations like The IFBA are a great source of help and guidance.

To find out more about how Quoox could help your business, book a chat.

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