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How many different software products do you use to run your gym/studio?

Many gym owners find themselves using a whole stack of different software products to run their facilities.  Often these products are out-dated; disjointed; only do a fraction of the job-in-hand; and, to add insult to injury, they cost a lot of money!

Have you added up how much your gym software is costing you?

Chances are that you have:

  • A main member CRM (E.g. MindBody; GloFox; TeamUp etc.)
  • A lead management CRM (E.g. Infusionsoft; Keap; Active Campaign etc.)
  • A marketing solution (E.g. MailChimp etc.)
  • Email software (E.g. Outlook; Gmail etc.)
  • A text marketing product (E.g. Text Marketer)
  • Rota management software (E.g. RotaCloud)
  • Timesheet software (E.g. ClickTime)
  • Online training software (E.g. My PT Hub)
  • Live video training platform (E.g. Zoom)
  • Progress tracking software (E.g. Truecoach)
  • File storage software (E.g. Dropbox; Google Drive)
  • and who only knows how many random spreadsheets…!

Look at the Ctrl, C, and V keys on your keyboard.  How worn out are they from all of the copying-and-pasting that you and your team do on a daily basis, whilst you move data manually between these different platforms?

Likelihood is that few of your software products “talk to each other” and, for those that do, it’s still a “bit of a faff”.

If you’re operating a training gym and are keen to give your members the very best motivational support, it’s more-than-likely that you’ll be using Myzone and MZ-Remote too. These are great tools, but does your software integrate with Myzone, or are you having to administer that manually as well?

You do know there’s a better way, right?

Quoox is a modern, next-generation facility and member management product.  We are proud to be one of only two management software providers that are official Myzone partners.

Built on Microsoft’s renowned Azure technologies, Quoox is a platform that both embraces and is ready for the future of the fitness industry.

Quoox is one, single cohesive solution for operating your gym, studio, or training facility.  We have helped facility owners in the UK, Ireland, US, and Australia streamline their business; offer more to their members; maximise retention; and bring new leads into their business.

We exist to help facilities attract, retain and grow their businesses.  What’s more, we typically save our customers over £500 per month!

We know that our product works; benefits our clients; and that both our customers and their members love it.  We don’t tie our clients in to onerous contracts, and we don’t hit you with numerous, costly add-ons.

Quoox is available with a month-on-month rolling commitment, for the flat fee of £249 £199* + VAT.
* A discounted rate due to COVID, and for which we will honour for those who sign-up at this rate for a minimum of 12-months.

For absolute transparency, the only additional cost for our customers is for outbound SMS messages.  We charge these monthly, in-arrears, at cost.  We don’t put any mark-up on SMS messages, and your membership payments are taken via your own Stripe/GoCardless accounts. I.e. we don’t “sit in the middle” either delaying or unduly profiting from your transactions.

For many, their first reaction upon seeing Quoox is one of disbelief.  We actually do what we say we do.  And for the price we say we charge.  The days of multiple, disjointed systems at exorbitant prices are nearing an end.

Are you and your facility ready for a bright new future?

To find out more about Quoox, book a chat.  Just 10-minutes of seeing how Quoox could help your business, and you will be hooked…

” It’s time to work smarter, not harder “

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