Introducing full MZ-Remote+ support

Easter update, introducing full MZ-Remote+ support

24 March 2021 – Colchester – Following Myzone‘s exciting new product announcements, official Myzone partner Quoox today announced the second part to their latest update, which includes full provision for administering MZ-Remote+ directly from within the Quoox product.

Quoox is the only  fitness management software to provide full integration with Myzone and MZ-Remote+.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences 21 March 2021
iOS App: Not applicable
Android App: Not applicable

This release also includes a number of other new features and functions, along with setting some groundwork for the next major new Quoox innovation, due in Q2 2021.

Watch a quick video introduction to the new features and functions from Chris Windram, co-founder of Quoox.

Any successful facility owner will tell you that member retention is a critical element of the business.

Myzone and MZ-Remote+ are great motivational and member retention tools, and enable a gym/studio to manage the new hybrid world balance of in-person and online training.

Chris Windram
Co-Founder, Quoox

This update comprises 5 new functions, plus 2 enhancements.  The sections below provide insight for each of the new functions/features, along with a brief introductory video and support links for each.

The Quoox team are currently working on an exciting new innovation that will be released during Q2 2021.  This update also includes some behind-the-scenes foundations ready for the forthcoming release, plus a couple of minor bug fixes.

Check out the Quoox blog and our Facebook page for helpful articles and insights, including how to maximise the benefit to your facility from MZ-Remote+ and how to monetise the product to increase your bottom line.

Support for MZ-Remote+

Easily control and monetise MZ-Remote+ with Quoox

MZ-Remote+ is a new offering from Myzone.  For a low monthly fee, Myzone provide facilities with over 160 high quality on-demand and live sessions which the facility may provide to their members, and monetise as they wish.

An official Myzone partner, Quoox is the only fitness management solution to be fully integrated with Myzone and MZ-Remote+

Through Quoox, it is possible for facilities to fully administer their MZ-Remote+ configuration, quickly and effortlessly. Watch the video

Using the new administration function, facilities may review the full Myzone shared class timetable.  If, for any reason, you wish to exclude a class from the package you share with your members, you may opt out of a given class at a single click.

The MZ-Remote+ classes are booked and delivered through the Myzone app.

Through Quoox you may assign access to the MZ-Remote+ classes to your members, and two methods are available for this:

Assignment through a membership

You may include MZ-Remote+ class access to members through any of your membership plans.  This easily enables you to include MZ-Remote+ in your plans, such as for premium memberships.  It also provides a great opportunity for delivering no-touch online memberships, all of which can be promoted and sold using Quoox‘s campaign tools.

Ad hoc assignment

The second option for assignment is on an ad hoc basis. Quoox makes it easy for you to enable MZ-Remote+ class access to any member at the click of a button.

MZ-Remote+ has a world of scope for adding additional strings to your facility’s bow, and for generating new revenue.  Watch out for a forthcoming blog diving into this in more detail.

Support documentation on MZ-Remote+ may be found here.

Note: The MZ-Remote+ functionality will go live on  24th March 2021, coinciding with official Myzone’s launch on the product.

Member Leader Boards

Maximise member retention with Myzone MEPS and attendance leaderboards in Quoox

Very often we, as facility owners, get locked into the need to constantly bring in new members.

Whilst Quoox provides a myriad of tools to support this, we provide a similarly strong set of offerings to maximise member retention.

Our FitnessHub Leader Boards are our latest addition to your member retention toolkit. Watch the video

Quoox provides two leader boards from which you may select to include in your FitnessHub member portal:

Session Attendance Leader Board

The Session Attendance Leader Board is available to all Quoox customers.  It provides an alternative to the MEPs leader board, and is focussed upon your members’ session attendance at your facility.

For the session attendance leader board you may create your own levels, and own badges.  Alternatively you may start with a set pre-configured by Quoox.

This board is a great way of maximising attendance to your facility or online sessions.  It also works perfectly for “1-month challenges”, where you’re seeking to maximise facility attendance within a given month.

Myzone MEPs Leader Board

If you use Myzone at your facility, you may link your Quoox account with Myzone and use the Myzone MEPs Leader Board.

Quoox pulls MEPs data from Myzone and reconciles it with your active members.  From this, Quoox builds the leader board, grouping member achievement by level.  The badges, colours and terminology used all match those of Myzone, and provide a consistent experience to your members.

With Myzone users able to accrue MEPs through even more means via the exciting new Switch product, the Myzone leader board is fantastic for all around encouragement of a healthy lifestyle.


The leader boards may only be accessed by members logged into FitnessHub, and you may give either leader board a name of your choice.  By default the member’s first name and the initial of their last name are used.  If they have a nickname (or “known as” name) assigned in Quoox, this will be used instead.  Their Quoox avatar is also displayed and, if you encourage your members to use their photo as their avatar (as we recommend), it is a great way of your members getting to know each other.

You may find the Leader Board support documentation on our support site.

Email Engagement Tracking

Monitor member and lead engagement with Quoox Since 25th February, Quoox has been recording email engagement statistics.  This release makes these statistics available through Quoox, and for up to 90-days. Watch the video

Quoox records email engagement for all non-system emails.  This includes email messages sent via nurturing; campaigns; message centre; and scheduled broadcasts.  It does not include the system generated emails such as booking confirmations; booking reminders etc.

In determining the engagement stats, Quoox uses the current industry best practices. However, these are not 100% fool-proof.  For example, a member with multiple devices (E.g. desktop email client; phone; tablet) may record multiple opens for the same message.  Conversely, those who use privacy protection software may not record any opens – despite having read the message.

When a user clicks on a given link in an email, Quoox records the specific link that they have clicked upon.  This is available to you, along with the IP address of the device from which they clicked.

Email engagement statistics are available for viewing in several places within Quoox, including the message centre; scheduled broadcasts; lead reach-out log; lead and member messages tab.

Further details on understanding email engagement statistics may be found here.

Please be aware that, with Quoox handling tens-of-thousands of emails per day, our support team are not able to get involved in the review of deliveries/tracking for individual emails.  Due to our strict anti-spam and best practice compliance processes, Quoox enjoys a 99.9% delivery rate, with the only non-deliveries being due to full mailboxes or incorrect email addresses.

Call Logging and Scheduling

Stay on top of your calls with QuooxQuoox‘s assignments and to-do functionality has always provided for the recording and scheduling of phone calls.  However, as part of this release we have extended this functionality further to break-out phone calls as a specific activity. Watch the video

You may schedule and record phone calls against both leads and members.  Like assignments and to-do’s, due calls flag up for the given employee as an alert, and in the task widget on their home page.  Notes may be added against a call, and marked as “in progress” or “complete” (when assigned to a team).

A call log is available in the new “Calls” tab on both lead and member records.

You may also include the new “Call” action to both lead and member nurturing sequences.  This is a great way of ensuring your clients remain communicated with, and that you have an audit trail.  Furthermore, in this release, you may now also include merge tags in the nurture sequence assignment and call fields, making it easier to identify the task in hand from the homepage widget.

Note: Manually scheduled calls may be seen as “scheduled” in the lead/member record. Calls scheduled by nurturing sequences only appear in the log at the point at which they are triggered.  This is by design.

URL Shortener/Prettifier

Prettify URLs with FitnessHub

Several customers asked us for the ability to shorten or “prettify” URL links, such as those used by campaigns.  This release of Quoox builds a new URL shortener/prettifier into FitnessHub. Watch the video

The shortener has been designed to work with any link, and creates both a prettified URL (which you may customise) and a shortened link for use in emails etc.  The links use your FitnessHub domain name, to maintain your brand.

Quoox records the number of times a given custom link is clicked upon.

Auto-assign Nurturing Program to a Lead Capture Campaign

Adding a lead nurturing program to a campaignAn extension to the Quoox campaigns functionality for Lead Capture campaigns now facilitates the auto-assignment of a lead nurture program to a lead upon registration. Watch the video

The nurture program operates in parallel with any post registration reach-outs assigned to the campaign, thus enabling facilities to decide how best they want to configure their campaign.  Using a nurture sequence brings the additional ability to be able automatically to schedule a call follow-up for a particular lead.

Easy housekeeping for FitFlix and Document Library

Easy FitFlix and Document Housekeeping

We find ourselves continually inspired by the amazing and creative ways that our customers use FitFlix and the document library.

This update provides a couple of new housekeeping functions to enable you to stay on top of the structure of your FitFlix video and member document libraries. Watch the video

It is now easy to move videos, documents and even entire folders to different folders within the library.

When you move a video, document or folder, Quoox will automatically move the assignments that you associated with that item for your convenience.

Other minor amends

As with every release, this update also includes behind-the-scenes patches and minor bug fixes.  The two noteworthy fixes are:

  • An issue with manually adding weigh-in data when set to lbs and inches has been resolved.
  • An issue whereby, during campaign sign-up, both names might end up in the first name field has been resolved. It is believed the root cause of this was an 3rd party auto-fill form function that was erroneously suffixing the surname with a “space”. This issue will continue to be reviewed, to ensure that it has been correctly resolved.

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