Exploring the new plus side of MZ-Remote

MZ-Remote was released by Myzone last summer and provided the ability for members to use their Myzone belts in live online sessions, and for facilities to be able to engage with them via the Live Board.

Quoox was the first facility management solution to integrate with MZ-Remote, and to enable mutual customers to effortlessly setup their online sessions – with Quoox taking care of setting up Zoom and MZ-Remote.  Almost all of Quoox‘s Myzone customers have engaged with MZ-Remote, and have discovered just how easy it is to deliver a strong, engaging session, despite members being remote.

Some may initially be confused by the MZ-Remote+ name.  The key is to focus on the “plus (+)” part.  MZ-Remote+ is separate to MZ-Remote, it delivers everything that MZ-Remote does plus a suite of over 160 high-quality live and on-demand sessions, run by professional Myzone or Myzone affiliate coaches.

Facilities that subscribe to MZ-Remote+ (available from 24th March), receive access to the full suite of “shared classes” and they are made available to their members for booking and delivery via the Myzone app.

As a Myzone partner, we are proud to have worked with the Myzone team to integrate MZ-Remote+ into Quoox, adding extra layers and an ease of control to our mutual customers.

Quoox is the only fitness management solution to be fully integrated with Myzone and MZ-Remote+

Quoox enables its customers to select the shared classes that they wish to make available to their members, and to control the members to whom access is granted.  This can be done by either including MZ-Remote+ in a membership package, or by allocating it to a member on an ad hoc basis.  Both are done (quite literally) at a single click!  It literally couldn’t be easier!

Getting the most from MZ-Remote+

MZ-Remote+ will be a great asset to many training facilities.  With the public having had over a year of live and on-demand training, whilst most are keen to get back to the gym, people have also realised the convenience of training from home and whenever they fancy.  It would be foolish of any training gym to think that they can move forward longer term without a hybrid offering.

The reality of the world is that many boutique training gyms do not have the resource to offer both online and in-person sessions.  Many coaches are already at capacity.  This is where smart use of MZ-Remote+ to provide (or ideally, supplement) a facility’s online offering can be an absolute winner.  What’s more, delivered and monetised correctly, it could further strengthen your “bottom line”.

So, here are a few options for starters…

Include MZ-Remote+ in your membership packages

For those members returning to in person training from a year of lockdown, including MZ-Remote+ shared classes as part of your standard membership could help strengthen the relationship you have with your members.  By offering the online classes you are showing that you respect that some people enjoy/benefit from online training, and you are continuing to avail this to them.

Provide MZ-Remote+ as a premium benefit

Another spin on the membership angle is that you could include MZ-Remote+ in “premium memberships”, or as a bolt-on to regular memberships.

With its multi-layered memberships, Quoox makes this a doddle.  You could even sell the upgrades “no-touch” through FitnessHub, or promote them through a Quoox campaign.

Why not setup a custom page on your FitnessHub site telling your members about MZ-Remote, then send them an attractive Immersive Email through Quoox, taking them to the FitnessHub page, and then onto the FitnessHub membership store for purchase? What you charge is, of course, up to you – but bear in mind that it wouldn’t be too hard for members to find out what it’d cost if they bought it direct from Myzone!

Create a whole new online offering

How about expanding your horizons?  Think beyond your locality.  Now you can provide a whole online offering to remote members based anywhere in your country!

Create an entirely online membership in Quoox.  Include the MZ-Remote+ offering.  Add nurturing programs; FitFlix videos; Cookbooks and other stuff through Document Library.  Automatically schedule support calls and check-in’s.  Keep it personal by dropping in the occasional custom “how are you getting on Jenny?” video or message.

Create a self-service membership sign-up campaign in Quoox.  Post your hooks out through social media, to Facebook and the likes.  New members can sign up “no touch”, make payment, receive their membership, MZ-Remote+ and other collateral and get cracking without you lifting a finger.

Make sure that you’ve put your Myzone facility voucher code in Settings, making it a single click operation for your new sign-ups to link from your FitnessHub site through to the Myzone store to purchase their belt (automatically linked to your facility), and to use remotely with MZ-Remote+

“Hanks Gym Shack” need no longer be confined to Smallsville.  You can now potentially significantly increase your bottom line by getting a decent number of no-touch remote members, that you service to a high level almost effortlessly using MZ-Remote+ and Quoox.  Hank’s going nationwide!


The above are just a few ideas, but hopefully sew a few seeds in terms of ideas for how MZ-Remote+ (combined with Quoox) can further enhance your business offering.

We’d love to hear of the ways you come up with for using MZ-Remote+, and how it works for your business.

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